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    I worked in the Marshall Islands a few years back, it was fishing paradise out there, any thing from bank, piers to running boats on the ocean side of the lagoon.

    I had a buddy who is still probably out there after 30 years, that did what he called Zen fishing. Now Zen fishing is not for everyone, especially me. My buddy was a drinker of the spirits, and after awhile, he would either throw an empty hook out, or take the hook completely off. The first time, he did it I thought he was loosing it, but then he explained his way of thinking, this was after about a 12 pack. He said if he got a bite, he would have to get up, set the hook, then take the fish off, then rebait, throw back out, and put the rod back in the holder. That this would disturb his tranquility and drinking, and it wasnt worth it.

    We were running a boat, oceanside, and had 2 rods out, fishing for Marlin and Tuna, we were trolling, and my buddy had hit his Zen limit, he immediately brought in one pole and took the hook off, we were trolling Squid lures. I tried to get him to put the hook back on, that I would deal with the rod. He informed me if there was a double hook up he would have to help and he was having no part of it. We left the hookless squid lure out as a teaser. About 20 minutes after he took the hook off, one of the biggest bills I have ever saw smacked the hookless squid, next run he had it.......I never did catch a marlin out there, but I never will forget Zen fishing either....now as I get older, some days on the water, I think about giving it a try.....
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    I used to have my own version years ago. I have been working on the North Slope of Alaska since 1987 and years ago we used to pull long hitches up here. I have worked as long as four months up here without a day off. The minimun back then was eight weeks then two weeks off. I used to tell the guys that I was going to the river set up all my gear then throw my line out without any bait just so I wouldn't be bothered that first day. I work three weeks on and three weeks off now so I bait my hook every time now. Sometimes just being on the river enjoying the quiet is enough tho.

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    I've been known to reel 'em all in, so I could enjoy my cigar in peace.:big_smile: