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    I just wanted to pass on to you a problem I had with two Zebco reel and how their customer service handle it for me. I recently purchased 2 Zebco Micro 11 platinum reels to use for trout and bluegill fishing. The first reel the front cover falls off every cast. The second reel the back cover falls off. Yesterday, I was at a close friend farm pond and using the second reel to catch bluegill on crickets and a bobber. The last cast and retrieve I didn't know the back cover came loose again and fell into the lake. I left rather pissed and when I got home I send a nasty (kinda) email to the customer service department at Zebco. I waited all day to get home to see if some one there got my email. There was a message from customer service and they are sending new covers for both reels. Just wanted to commend Zebco for their fine service policy and let people know they WILL stand behind their products.

    Thank you Zebco !!!!!
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    That is good to know. I emailed them once to see if they had a book that could be purchased that had a breakdown of their reels in it. I have grown up using the old classics and have a bunch of them around that needed cleaning and basic repair. I like to keep them around because they are so easy for the kids to use and it seems like we always end up taking a friend of my sons with us and it is very easy for them to learn on those also. They told me that they didnt have a book and thanked me for the inquiry. Luckly I was cruising ebay and found some reels on there that a local gentleman had for sale. I have bought several from him and he repairs them in his spare time so he is going to help me learn how to do it too.

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    If not a problem keep me informed and others on the how to on the reel. I have the same kind of reel i kept for the kids . Need to know how to repair and get parts. thanks
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    well ya messed up when ya bought a zebco lol no they are some alright reels but i prefer shakespeare