Zebco 33 Spincast ....

Discussion in 'Fishing Reel Review' started by bull_head, Aug 15, 2005.

  1. bull_head

    bull_head Guest

    An excellent starter reel for a young fisherman ....

    I recently ordered 2 of these for my nephews from Cabelas

    they work like a dream .... the drag is a little touchy to start out
    but other than that its the BEST Zebco reel i have used in
    my lifetime ....

    it comes pre spooled with 10 lb line ...
    the handle fits in your hand pretty good
    it casts like a dream ....
    for the money they charge for them its a good deal
    the drag works on a dail and once you got it figured out
    where you want it ... your good to go ...

    I have my nephews put on a Zebco Rhino rod and
    the combination of these 2 make it pretty hard
    for any fish to escape ...

    If your looking for a spincast reel I would recommend this reel

  2. Cheez

    Cheez Guest

    Mike you got it right when you said the 33 was a good starter reel for a kid. They are great for that. I am not ashamed to say that I have caught my fair share and then some on them. I have several that I keep on 5-1/2 rods of various styles just for kids or even grownups that I take fishing.A local tackle shop here sells them for $10 every spring. That's cheaper than Wally.

    whatever it takes


  3. bull_head

    bull_head Guest

    thanks Cheez ...

    if i were just starting out or I had kids of my own this
    would be the reel i would use or recommend ... Im
    sure most of you out there would agree that its not
    complicated to use .... and IMO its the best Zebco
    reel they have made in a long time .... the price wont
    hurt you either

  4. CJ21

    CJ21 New Member

    Montgomery, Alabama
    I agree! my mom and sis has 33's. they are very nice! just got to see whats going to happen when mr big thug on the line.
  5. Desperado

    Desperado Active Member

    Pataskala, Ohio
    My son has a few and catches channels and bass on them , great little reels.
  6. Cheez

    Cheez Guest

    33's are great but I don't think they can stand too many Mr. Bigs.
    They will smoke under heavy pressure. Anything up to 6 or 8 lbs on a regular basis is ok though.

    whatever it takes

  7. Nate

    Nate New Member

    OH - IO
    I still use a 33 for bait fishing.

    Recently bought one of the new 33's for my daughter. I was pleasantly surprised at the quality of the new ones. I remember in the 90s the 33's they put out were junk.
  8. Abu

    Abu Guest

    I have caught my fair share of bass on them when I was younger. I couldn't wait to get my hands on a new one when I was a kid, it was a giant step up from my Zebco 202. Still like using them as a bait catcher. My son has hauled in plenty of walleye with his 33 and really likes it. Abu
  9. cat4life

    cat4life Guest

    What about the Zebco 33 TITANIUM? it has a Rhino titanium rod and a 33 "titanium" reel what ever that is. What do you guys think of it?
  10. silver_dollar

    silver_dollar New Member


    It's a nice little outfit, I have two of them, one for me and one for grandson. Harland
  11. TDawgNOk

    TDawgNOk Gathering Monitor (Instigator)

    Tulsa, Oklahoma
    I have one of the OLD 33's, at least 20 years old I'm sure. It works like a champ. gotta say that I LOVE it.
  12. FS Driver

    FS Driver New Member

    the OLD zebby 33 with the flat metal crank arms are pretty hard to beat
    i still have a couple though ive not used them in a while after reading this post i would like to re string them and reuse them again for bait fishing
    since ive gotten abus and mitchells it kind of hard to not want to use those
    but a nice 33 is a pretty sweet reel to use as its simpictic operation and
    casting ability is impressive.
    i dont know the dates but the old 33s are good and the newer rhinos are very good.i have a larger rhino spincast and it works well with medium size line , however i had alot of problems when useing slip bobber setup with it.
    the stopper would hang up inside the spool houseing. :sad:
  13. ozarksnick

    ozarksnick Guest

    I love the Zebco 33 combos. I don't use anything else anymore.

    For a fellow like me, who is only trying for pan-sized fish, I don't believe that they can be beat.

    At $20 for a rod and reel you simply cannot beat the price.

    Their reliability is great. I've fished mine pretty hard for more than a year now and have never once had a mechanical problem with it. Nor have I ever had to untangle my line. It has never failed to reel in any of the fish that I've managed to fool into taking my bait.

    I like their simplicity. Push the button, cast the line. That's all there is to it.

    I also really like the bait clicker feature. Once you've got your line out, you can turn on the clicker, sit the rod in a holder, and forget about it till the reel starts singing.

    MUDHOLE KID New Member

    Back when I was a tot,some 35 years ago.I use to luck up and get to go with my dad to the money ponds to carp fish.I remember well that the Zebco 33 was a reel of choice back then.I used the reels for the same propose and landing so huge carp.I later on retired my good ol 33's but I still have the jewels locked up in the gun cabinet.They're fine little reels and you have to admIt Zebco got rich with these reel's and o' we can't forget the great 202 and the wonderful 404's .I've used them all and had fun with them,but as us older kids get even older we must have bigger and better toys.I'could see using the reels ,but you can't spool them with heavy line.They made there mark in history,and still doing so.Would I recommend buying one for heavy catfish use,no ,but for once in awhile fishing ,sure. :D
  15. catfish_ken

    catfish_ken New Member

    I don't have a boat and fish pay lake. I have two 33's that I still use and have caught a 20lb before on one of them. I use surf reals and rods now that I bought at the beach one of them is a pen and the other is a maco. I'm thinking about getting a new bait caster,anyone with thoughts on which one to get?
  16. elphaba7

    elphaba7 Guest

    My son found a 33 on a nice medium heavy Daiwa rod at a garage sale for 8 bucks. I cleaned it up, respooled with 10# mono, and it works like a charm for him. BTW, I think it was an '88 or '89.