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Zebco 33 for "offshore NC Red fish and Blues"

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I was just reading a BP review on a North Carolina Zebco 33 being used for offshore Red fish and Blues a couple of times with immediately washing and no damage.

Now,having caught the bigger Blues that are offshore and the bigger Red fish that move offshore to spawn,my thoughts were."It it a good thing that he just took them and not used them".I do honestly believe that I could rig a Big treble hook on a Zebco 33,cast it into a school of franticly feeding Bluefish or Jack and catch fish on it!I really and honestly do.

I know that the Zebco 33's did not hold up to the little Blues,Croaker,whiting,red fish and trout on Tybee Island Ga.beaches.Now they did well for freshwater fishing.

Have I missed something in my years of fishing?Do any of you use the 33's for such?

I once followed a Giant stingray from dusk to dawn with plenty of 12 lb.line on a spinning rig,in a boat and shallow water before seeing it,and that was luck.I destroyed a Zebco 202 while catching a Striped Bass in the twenty+ range,But I was not fishing for either.I have had my miracles and luck,so I know they can happen.This person took them "a couple of times"to fish for these big fish that get 20 -60 lbs.It is there for all to read.

I find it very hard to believe.Do any of you know anything about this kind of fishing?I have found them to be excellent small bait reels for salt water but they corroded bad due to the mix of Aluminum bodies and Brass bushings.I admit to being a bushing fan around grit,thrust and heavy loaded shafts.With the ALL SS bearings being more compatible like they have now,they may do better now than 20 or 30 years ago as a bait reel.There would certainly be less electrolysis to corrode the Aluminum.

Thanks to any who reply.

I love you Brothers and Sisters.peewee
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I can't tell you about the corrosion part but, I have seen them little reels drag in some descent fish in the hands of a good angler. For the most of my life thats all I had to fish with.
I have a couple of 33's but i only use them for blue gills, crappie and small cats 1-3lbs with no trouble, cheap and dependible!
I caught a 9 lb striper with one, and had no problems. Later Andy
i think it would be like bear hunting with a switch lol
That would be like loading a D9 Cat on a flatbed trailer and hooking it up to a Volkswagon Beetle.
Mama always told me, "If you don't have anything nice to say...".

*zips lip*
caught a 24lb channel on a 33 with 25# braid, took a little while but he came in:smile2:
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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