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Discussion in 'Bowhunting' started by catfishingRon, Oct 17, 2007.

  1. catfishingRon

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    Earlville, IL
    Does anyone have any good ideas for a good youth bow? I would like somethinh that will go up to at least 50lbs pull but start around 35lbs. Also where woul dbe a good place to find a used one?
  2. stinkbaitman

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    south dakota
    i would reccomend a diamond or browning. my diamond edge goes 30-40 pounds and i just made a great deer kill with it the other day. if you want something used go to a local pro shop. they have the best service and will help you with everything.

  3. bigfatcat

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    i got my bow from a local archry shop and he gave me a adult bow that is set for 70 pounds, but it had an adjustable draw length of 26-31(he coud probally adjust that lower too but i have a 27 inch draw) and he just played with the cams to make it go down to 35 lbs and said come back when you get used to it and i can put it up. So i went back and he played with the cams a little and brought it up to 50lbs and then i put it up a little with the bolts on the limbs, but i would try and do that so you dont have to get a new bow when i gets grown out. the bow was a Parker Buckhunter but it can probally be done with others.
  4. flathead willie

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    If you don't know much about them, go to a pro shop. They will help you get set up. Like fatcat said, get one that is comfortable to shoot at the lower end of it's weight range. It won't take long to build up the muscles once a kid gets shooting a lot, then you'll want a more powerful bow. There are some real deals out there for used bows because so many people read the hype and want to upgrade to a newer, faster, shorter, bow. ANY bow that is set up right will shoot straight, and take down a deer....or whatever it hits.
  5. CountryHart

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    The neighbor kid just bought a new bear youth bow. It's unreal how fast it is at 40 pounds and the adjustments seem endless also. A kids not gonna outgrow it very fast. I was very impressed with it.