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Discussion in 'Deer Hunting' started by brddgg21, Feb 13, 2009.

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    i used to hunt with a small hunting club, 5 members total including myself. we were and still are best friends and we made our own hunting rules about a few things. one of which is what this post is about. in the county we hunted the state allowed us to kill up to 5 doe and then buy bonus stamps for more. we had only 800 acres to hunt so so we didnt bow or blackpowder hunt the area, everyone had their own private spots for that. now the only legal doe days were the first and second saturdays and the last two days of the season,not alot of time, so we came up with our own rules about shooting a doe. we allowed each member to kill three doe anytime they wanted, mon-sat of course, and after that they could only kill bucks. it didnt matter if it was a doe day or not. we never had every one max out on there does nor did we ever have a shortage of deer. i think our rule was much more fair to ever one than the states because what if you couldnt hunt one of the 4 days (kid sick or something). we gave everybody an equal chance at their limits. but what do yall think? a fair rule or not?
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    The club can make its own rules, as long as they fall within the state DNR rules.