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Your thoughts and prayers needed

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I ve never done this before now. I've dealt a lot with my own problems and have not asked for any help for myself. I guess I'm just used to going things alone. But this is different.
I'd like to request your prayers and thoughts , not for me ,but, for my wife Tammy.
She's still battleing her kidney stones and just this morning,her mother called to break the news to her that she possibly has thraot cancer.She had been hiding this from Tammy till something more definite was known. Her surgury will be on the 28th of this month.
Some of you have met my wife and know what a kind soul she has. This has hit her hard and I'll be doing everything I can to help her.For the few of you who know me personally, you know that when a friend of mine is in trouble, I come running. Tammy is not only my wife,but, she'salso the best friend I have in this world.
Please keep her mother,Harrette Ann, in your thoughts and prayers.
Thank you for your time my brothers and sisters.
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My thoughts and paryers are with Tammy and her mother.
Keith, Tammy has been in my prayers since you first told me about her kidney stones. Her mother is now in my prayers too. I pray that both heal very quickly, with no complications.
Keith, Tammy and Harrette Ann will be in our prayers my friend and so will you.
Keith you now ya'll are all ready there brother and ya'll let me know what you need and I will do what I can.
best wishes and prayers sent for tammy and her mother .
Your family is in our prayers as well Keith

My thoughts, prayers, and well wishes are with you and your family.
Keith, Tammy, Harrette Ann and your Family will be on our prayer list.
I wish all the best of luck.
Your entire family is in our prayers.

Walter & Pam Husak
Keith ...

everyone in your family has a special prayer being said ... as we all know the power of prayer is great ... you take care of yourself and your family , God Bless
Keith, you and your family are in our prayers.
You will be in our prayers Keith. Trust him who holds all the answers.
Keith your family is my prayers.

You can count me in. Please give them both my absolute best regards.

Keith, I'm sorry to hear about Tammy and her mother they are in my prayers and in my thoughts.I hope every thing comes out alright.
Harrette Ann,Tammy,and Keith,My heart and prayers are with you.I do know where all of you are at right now.I found out that I have a mix of lymphoma,4 months ago.I have passed kidney stones,and I seen loved ones very ill many times in my 60 years.The cancer is my 2nd.terminal illness.My heath leaves out treatment,besides there is no cure for mine.My first terminal illness was my heart.I was told that I would "not see next year",which was 3 months away.That was 3 years ago.My wife has to tend me like a infant.There are more out here in the BOC.We are NEVER alone.I know that there is no way for us to handle what is happening to us.God takes care of that.I pray for Gods will every day,and TRY not to worry about it.I pray for every one in the BOC,when I pray for me.I see a lot of love and care in the BOC.That is a gift from God.We care,we are here,we love you.peewee-williams
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prayers sent for your family good buddy. keep us informed.
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