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Discussion in 'Fishing Reel Review' started by cathoodie, Feb 2, 2008.

  1. cathoodie

    cathoodie New Member

    nice web site, folks
    just curious
    is a level wind reel the preferred cat reel?
    or do more of you like the spinners?
  2. Reel_Blues

    Reel_Blues New Member

    Ralph welcome to the BOC i use only bait casting reels for catfishing.

  3. cathoodie

    cathoodie New Member

    thanks for the welcome, Roger. it seems like the level wind(baitcaster) reels are used more for cats. can someone tell me why?
  4. Indigo Flats

    Indigo Flats Member

    Some say the the bait casters have more tork (sp) and better drags. I use both and really don't have a preference.
  5. Mickey

    Mickey New Member Supporting Member

    Ralph Welcome to the BOC. Most use baitcasters, but its really a matter of choice. Large fish can be caught on either, if properly equipped.
  6. MAX1955

    MAX1955 New Member

    Welcome to BOC Ralph I mainly use baitcasters, but I will use spinning reels in some situations. Spinning reels is all I used for years until my son introduced me to baitcasters about 10 years ago. Its like the other post say its what your comfortable with. They have come way along with both types of reels like some else said.
  7. krowbar

    krowbar New Member

    South Caro
    welcome to the BOC
  8. catfishcrazy256

    catfishcrazy256 New Member

  9. Skipjack

    Skipjack New Member

    LaGrange, Ky.
    I use both level wind baitcasters and big spinning reels. The bait casters have more torque and work better on a shorter rod for boat fishing. When I fish from the bank I like to use the large spinning reels on longer rods. The spinners seam to reach out there a little farther, but they are harder to carry and store.
  10. crazy

    crazy New Member

    Kansas CIty, MO
    Baitcasters! The reason most people are forgetting here is. To get a spinning reel to hold the same amount of line as a bait caster the reel it's self is going to be big. Let alone the drag system on the spinning reel is not as strong. Some might argue that but I find there not. So who wants to fish with a big reel and then to top it off most rods for spinning reels have a big long butt section. There just a clumsy outfit in all.
  11. ronlyn239

    ronlyn239 New Member

    Baitcasters for the previous post says, spinning reels that are large enough to maintain the amount of line needed are just clumsy.

    I can reach out farther with my 8 footer than I can with my 11' spinning rod
  12. koakley1

    koakley1 New Member

    I used to use bait casters but now I only use spinners. The spinning reels were easier for the kids to use and I just haven't switched back. Welcome to the BOC, have fun and good luck !
  13. cathooked

    cathooked New Member

    north carolina
    welcome to the BOC, i use bait casters and big spinning rigs ,their both good its really up to what you like, comfort is everything,if it feels good to ya use it ,dont worry bout what everyone else uses,but what feels good in ya hands..
  14. bownero

    bownero New Member

    Hastings, Ne.
    hi ralph! welcome to the boc. it's all personal preference. for me i like bait-casters for catfishing. i believe bait-casters have better drags and offer more torque for those bigger fish. i use an abu 7000c3. i prefer spin-cast for lure fishing. especially when using small jigs. i fish for wipers alot and spin-cast reels work great for that type of fishing.:big_smile:
  15. rspd507

    rspd507 New Member

    Rising Sun,IN
    Welcome to the BOC. I use baitcasters because thats what im more comfortable with. I havent had much experience with spinning reels but know guys who use them and they seem to work fine. rspd507
  16. peewee williams

    peewee williams New Member



    Only people are clumsy in my belief.I have yet to see a rig or outfit clumsy in the hands of someone who knew how to use it.I am now clumsy with all of my rigs due to crippled up or handicap for you politicly correct out there as both means the same thing.

    Forgetting?Over 100 years and millions of repeated spinning reel buyers can't be all wrong and you right.No way!I have heard many spinning reel users call bait casting rigs clumsy among many other things.I personally believe that folks who are not willing to take the time to learn to use anything will find it clumsy.Spinning reels that I can find on line have higher drag ratings than the bait casters of the same recommended line weight and line capacity rating.Check it out on line.Only the expensive bait casters with higher priced drags or aftermarket drags let the bait casters come close to spinning reel drags in the same price range.There is a whole and old industry out there selling improved drags for bait casters simply because the drags were so poor.Check it out on line.

    I believe most bait casters to be in the 9-14 lb.max.drag rating.

    Very popular fresh water Bass & Catfish reel the ABU GARCIA Ambassadeur AG6500C3=$81.85.345 yds.14 lb.line. Max.drag? I can't find out so far.They now sell reels with the same old drag that they have used for years or you can pay extra and get one with the improved drags that come closer to the spinning reel maximum drag ratings.

    Top of the line bait caster in max. drag strength.Shimano Calcutta CT 400B=$185.00 reel,17.5 lbs.max drag,260 yds. 14 lb. line .

    Salt water built Shimano Spheros 8000FA=$109.00,20.5 lbs. max.drag,270 yds.14 lb.line.

    Long handle rods with bait casting reels started getting popular in SC,GA,NC,TN,FL,and AL in the 70's.I was there and saw them.They still are.I do not know about the rest of the nation.I do know that Bass Pro,Cabela's and Catfish Connection are still selling them and have been for years.I can not find the first short handled rod adversed as a Cat fishing rod.They all have the long handles.It would seem as if many may have found the short pistol grip casting rods lacking for casting and for general fishing.

    I have found no rig clumsy that I have taken the time to learn how to use in my 55+ years of fishing.I have rods two feet to twenty feet long.I have owned and used trolling,bait casting,open faced spinning,spin casting,trigger spin,fly,pin,Australian Avey and a dozen asorted size hand reels for hand lineing.I have used assorted sizes of 16/0 reels I have owned and used.I never owned a bait casting reel until last year as I never bass fished.I don't eat them.If I want to sport fish,I fish for Chain Pickerel or Bow fin as they fight much better than Bass in my opinion.I never owned a level wind until about 3 1/2 years ago as I felt no need or want for one.Now I need one to keep from winding up my fingers with the line that I no longer feel at times.I also have a assortment of fiberglass fishing poles from 11 to 20 feet and 14 foot old cane poles that I love.

    I like big reels and outfits and they are far more easy for this old cripple to use.

    The best over all rig for everyone is what you have,can afford and like.Some folks $5.00 yard sale rig is often cherished,harder to afford and there fore much more valuable to them than some one else's $2000.00 out fit that can buy a 100 more of them if they wish.

    A person describing what fishing outfits are no good in their opinion is about like describing what kind of car,truck,dog or gun is no good.There is all ways some one out there who has one and likes it or can afford no better.

    The above is my argument that there is no best rod or reel.Disappointment is usually the result of satisfying others in women,underwear,tools or sporting goods.Satisfy yourself as you,not others are stuck with your decision.When ever possible,try before purchasing anything.I would have one of each made if I could afford it.

    Please let us know what you decide and how you like it.We all are learning or trying to.

    I love you Brothers and Sisters.peewee
  17. Dreadnaught

    Dreadnaught New Member

    The reason to me is simple: Physics
    It is more natural for the line to be spooled in a straight line than, brought in and wrapped onto a stationary object at a 90 degree angle to the pull on the end of the line. Thus making the line get flat spots in it and causing it to twist in the proccess. Not to mention it weakens the line.
    So in a word or 2, I use baitcasters!!!
  18. Parasite

    Parasite New Member

    Spinning only for me because I can't cast those dang baitcasters. Seems like nobody in Colorado can. For cats I have a size 80 catmaxx on my ugly stik catfish and my custom. It holds 220 yards of 30 lb. It is a little big but it handles and performs like a dream. I can cast further with a 7 ft rod then most can with a 10 ft baitcaster. I cast from the side because it goes twice as far and my bait will never fall off.:big_smile:
  19. Katmandeux

    Katmandeux New Member

    Checotah, Oklahoma
    This is sorta like walking up to a guy, and saying, "Hey, great hat! What size is it?"

    One size doesn't fit all, and what I prefer is determined by what I'm fishing for, and where and how I'm fishing.

    See, this way, you can have more toys.:smile2:
  20. prostreetS10

    prostreetS10 New Member

    welcome to the BOC. I use 2 abu garcia baitcasters.