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    This past weekend I was fishing the Hiwassee in East Tennessee with my brother and dad. Weather was almost perfect, no mosquitos, slight wind out of the west. We had three lines out all baited with freshly caught 4" bluegill; two of the lines had attached bells and 1 of those was a baitrunner reel. My dad had ran to the convenient store for some jerky and lemonade, my brother kept busy keeping the campfire going and I was widdling some timber I came across. Bites were slow, maybe 1 every 45 minutes or so (this may be a little detailed, but I'm trying to paint the picture). All of a sudden, one of the bells went wild....I looked over and saw that the baitrunner was doing it's job. Line was streaking out and the the rod was bent in half. I let the sucker take some line out trying to keep patient. I finally grabbed the rod and set the hook (was using a weedless bait hook)....FISH ON. About 5 minutes later I had the fish about 15 feet from the bank. I was ready for a decent fish after a decent struggle. The fish turned out to be a 3 lb. channel, but here's the strange part.....the fish was hooked behind the dorsal fin, near where the bluegill had been hooked. The struggle had been trying to drag the fish to the bank by the back. I've never had this happen to me before but maybe someone else has??? We still can't figure out how this cat got hooked this way....Opinions/theory's???

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    cats (especially channells) have "taste buds" all along their sides and will sometimes rub againt the bait to get a taste of it. it could have gotten hooked that way, or as he was running away with the bait and the hook came out of the bait when you jerked and it caught him in the back. most likely he was tasting it. i have that happen with channels a few times each year, it does make you think that you have a monster.:sad:

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    I as I am sure alot of fisherman on this board has hooked a cat many a different way. I have had them come in hooked in the side, the tail, the belly, by the dorsal fin, etc. Probably he was hooked and it came out hitting him by the fin, or he rolled after consuming the bait.
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    I think it just might be possible that the channel had the bluegill in it's mouth with the hook near the out side edge, and running straight away from you. When you set the hook you jerked the hook out of the gill and snagged right in to the channels back. stranger things have happened.;) lol
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    You may have caught the increaingly rare dorsal channel cat. They are a prehistoric breed of channel that actually has their mouth under their dorsal so that the can hide in the grass and come up after their prey. What I can't understand is how you got it to shore. Most of them, being prehistoric have razor sharp teeth in that upper mouth which usually cuts a fisherman's line. Maybe this was a very old one that had lost it's teeth. Did you take a picture?

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    Shawn, I think you completely lost it!!:blink: :eek: :blink:

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    LMAO..... i have caught many fish about every way u can imagin... but congrats on the fish., i would think maybe he was just swimming fast passed ur line and ur hook snagged him,. or maybe there was more than him chasing ur gill and that channel ran into it and got hooked, they fight A LOT harder when u hook them like that..