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Discussion in 'General Conversation' started by Mickey, Dec 7, 2009.

  1. Mickey

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    What is your thoughts on purchasing a product with or without warranty? Is it a necessity, for your purchase? Warranties that have or have not paid off for you. Bad experiences. Good experiences. This is not limited to fishing only. Do you buy extended warranties?
  2. brian88b

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    Fairdale, KY
    In my opinion there are a ton of factors that come in to play on this subject. Such as cost of whatever I'm considering a warrenty on, the "fine print" of the warranty just what does it cover and what it does not. The cost of the extra warranty vs cost of replacement. The odds of whatever it may be getting damaged, etc..... I think it all depends on looking at all those types of things before you make a decision. I'm interested to hear some stories too as I really cant think of any myself that have benifits or regrets, at the moment.

  3. waynesburgjay

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    I don't buy into them very often unless the price is right.

    JEFFRODAMIS Well-Known Member

    i feel a warranty is usually used to sale you the item then piss you off when it breaks...not many places stand behind their product "as they should" the ones that do get enough praise we know who they are..reps to them
  5. DLB-in-GR

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    It depends on the item and its original cost. Cordless phones used to cost a lot and they always bonked out on me, so I started buying one with those. I used them 3 times with cordless phones from BestBuy. I bought a nice stereo there and bought the warranty with that too, and had to use it. Most stuff is not so expensive that I worry about replacing it, but a lot of consumer electronics are built poorly and sold cheaply, so they are almost disposable items. The most recent item I bought the warranty on was a DVD recorder, only because I was replacing one that had broken, and my buddy had one break on him too (different brand). But it was the price of the warranty that sold me, $30 on a $300 item for 2 extra years of coverage was justifiable.
  6. Slatebar

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    I was a mechanic/electrician in a coal mine and I think we invented abuse of tools. When I had to furnish my own tools I always bought Craftman from Sears. I can't say enough good things about the Craftman tool and warranty. I have actually taken tools in there with 90 degree bends and Sears would replace without a question. I have also had good luck with GM car and truck Warrantys except a new 1979 GMC truck. I have never purchased an extended warranty except last year I let a salesman talk me into a extended warranty on a fishing rod at Gander Mountain. That will not happen again.
  7. Catfish_Scooter

    Catfish_Scooter New Member

    I prefer it to have a warranty, but it depends most on the item (s).
  8. Jeremy Sheffey

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    Columbus, Ohio
    i have had both good and bad experiences with warranties... depending on the price of the item and the price of the warranty, and what it covers and for how long, i then determine whether it is needed or not. when i bought my flat screen plasma tv the TV was around $1500 the warranty was $200 but covered the TV for 5 years. in 7 months i started having an issue with the screen, the basic warranty ended at 1 year, no biggy. i got it fixed. 15 months later same problem my tv went blank. sent it back again and i got a new tv out of the deal. the $200 saved me $1500 to replace the TV. i have had great success with some different rod warranties. i had a SCOTT fly rod with a lifetime, no questions asked warranty i broke the rod in the car door. sent it back, they said it was up to me i could answer a few questions about the rod breaking so they could improve their product. i agreed and they sent me a new rod. however good my experiences are though if it is a $20 rod from walmart and i break it. i dont waste my time and gas sending it back for the supposed 1 year warranty that some of them have. by the time i drive 20 minutes each way, argue with the major on duty and return home i haven't really saved myself much.
  9. olefin

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    We never buy extended warranties for our self. Bought notebook computers for granddaughters, did get the extended warranty for they are so hard on everything. They are also covered if damaged from dropping or loss.

    I think retailers make more profit on extended warranties than the product. Extended warranties are only insurance but very expensive insurance.

    In over 53 years of buying major appliances have never had but one to completely fail. It was a built-in oven that failed after 15 years. Extended warranty for that length of time would have cost more than the replacement. And the part needed for the oven was no longer manufactured. Same for vehicles, have never owned a vehicle that had a major failure.
    Have had minor problems over the years on household items and vehicles but I've always been able to repair anything.

    We use cash award credit card for all purchases. Everything purchased doubles the manufacturers warranty for up to one year.
  10. Mark J

    Mark J New Member

    Four Oaks, NC
    I never buy extended warranties on anything.
    They make alot more money on those things then selling the product.

    I don't buy extended warranties on cars. I've worked in a major car dealership.
    The money is made in the F&I office, not the sales floor. F&I man is one of the highest if not highest paid people in a dealership with good reason.

    If I buy a TV and it conks out in 3 years, I'm going to go buy another one.
    Screw dicking around with a warranty and the constraints of that warranty.

    Listen to the money people that talk on the radio.
    All of them I know of say NOT to buy extended warranties.

    I used to deal with a company called American Homeshield. It's a home warranty company.
    What a joke. They readily paid out the ass for the mundane can get by without for a while things while things like, I can't get my car out of the garage because the door opener quit they want to deny or drag out getting quotes. Meanwhile the elderly 80 something year old couple is trapped at home over the weekend because they can't get to the release cord.

    Total waste of money, especially if you know the difference between a phillips and a straight blade but alot of people are suckered into it.
  11. plainsman

    plainsman New Member

    I haven't bought any extended warranties, I ain't made any major purchases either. The salesman at the car dealership wanted to sell me a warranty for the drive train, I just told him that I'd had my last van for 17 years and it was 5 years old when I got it. Things wear out, I can deal with that, if I got poor product or poor workmanship then I wouldn't buy another, I'd go to the competition. This van got 258,000 plus on it, did some repairs, but I figure thats to be expected. Funny thing is after I pay for something to be fixed, then there is free lifetime warranty on it. Thats why I see some brands of used vehicles out there, and can't find any older used vehicles of the kind I drive being advertised for sale.

    My folks got a TV for Christmas, got the extended warranty, and it has paid off, but the TV is sensitive and can't be moved without risk of needing a tuneup.
  12. restorerancientiron

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    Cadiz, KY
    I never buy any of the extended warrantys either.I also am not concerned about a vehicle warranty.I purchased a new leftover 94 (26 miles on it) ford f150 in 1996 for a work vehicle.I drove it up until last year.A idiot ran a red light and totaled it out.I priced new trucks, decided no way was I paying that.I shopped around found a 2006 f150 xlt with 2500 miles that had a rebuilt title.A tree had fallen on top of the carport it was parked I paid less than 10,000 for it but no warranty.Thats ok it still has the 6 disc changer and the new truck smell.Don't get me wrong I believe in insurance but not warranty's.
  13. 223reload

    223reload New Member

    If a product I'm buying has a warranty ,So much the better. I never buy extended warranties on anything.
  14. JoshFisher

    JoshFisher New Member

    Tinker AFB, Oklahoma
    more often then not i buy the warranty, problem is it never has been a factor... if your really prone to breaking something or if you feel your investment needs some reassurance to help you sleep at night then by all means, for me when i ever i buy some that asks for extended warranty i been savin for it so i dont want to have to buy another one...

    with tv's i dont think its all that important atleast with the new ones, for a while when plasmas first coming out there were alota of "burning" problems where the picture would go out but theyve fixed that for the most part... even the cheapest lcd's these days are rated to last for 20 years at 8 hours a day (somewheres around 60k hours)

    so all in all i think if you have a gut feelin to get it, then get it:wink:


    I buy them if it,s for a product over $500,that I can,t work on myself.Namely any electronics.I just got my first computer last christmas and paid an extra hundred for 2 years of unlimited in-store repair plus coverage for any kind of breakdown including normal wear and tear and accidents.Being as I didn,t know squat about computers before,I,ve gotten my moneys worth.Had it back in the shop getting fixed(from my errors) at least 10 times in the first 3 months.If I had to buy another 1 today,I might not get the warranty now that I know how to work it.Some brands I buy because I know they stand by their stuff for life,like Cabelas.I,ve sent them 10 year old gortex stuff back when it leaked.No questions,just a new replacement.
  16. loanwizard

    loanwizard Well-Known Member

    It's a roll of the dice. Insurance companies are profitable for a reason. I wouldn't be without it on my cell phone.

    That said, it all depends on your personal circumstance. For guys like Dayton and Mark J, who have piles of moldy money laying around due to their particular lifestyle, it may be a waste. However, if you live on credit and in the world of the monly bills equalling your income it might not be a bad idea. I will talk automobiles since that is my business. If you don't consistently have $500.00- $600.00 laying around a warranty can be a Godsend. Sure you may pay $1500.00 for a warranty and never use it. Then again, if you have a $400.00 alternator repair, or a $2000.00 Transmission job, it sure is comforting to know that you have coverage. It is like healthe insurance only for your product. For years I complained about the high premiums on health insurance.... til I had a $100,000.00 back surgery last year.
  17. Poppa

    Poppa New Member

    Pinson, Al
    We bought a new washer for 400 dollars and it had a one year warranty.
    They offered a additional 3 year warranty for 100 dollars. I declined. My
    thinking is if its going to give trouble it should do it before a year. I also
    think 1/4 of the purchace price is to high.
  18. Catfishboy1995

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    Council Bluffs
    my sister bought a 05 Honda civic lx special edition...and the got the extended warranty and they put a sensor in the car for the checkl enginge light to come on once a month:crazy::crazy:and charge $450 each trip to the dealer:eek:oooh::crazy::confused2:..and only once they found that the tires were out of allignment!!!like a 50 dollar fix for $ she has been driing witht hthe check engine light on since
  19. Boomer

    Boomer New Member

    There are certain things I buy them on.....My wifes car is one of them, my truck I dont bother, I will just fix it myself, I am not worried about breaking down somewhere in the middle of nowhere. (get the rental car option for a few bucks more).

    Tire, I dont know if you call it a warranty or not, but my wife seem to find things in the road (Or ditch, more than likely) that destroy tires, beyond a simple puncture hole. One year I bought 4 new tires for her car, 3 of them I had to get replaced, thought about sticking a whole in the last one, just to get all the tires with even cost of replacement on 4 tires 32 dollars.

    Things I dont get warranties try and get something electrical replaced due to it burning out the first thing they claim is power surges....or miss use....computers, by the time you actually get to use the warranty, the computer is outdated anyway, and it is time for a new one.
  20. AwShucks

    AwShucks New Member

    Guthrie, Oklaho
    To me an extended warranty implies the manufacturer knows the product was so cheaply built its gonna go out. Never have bought one. Think the consumer product rating services really frown on extended warranties also. Thats basically what I tell the salesman...if your product is so poor your telling me I need the extended warranty, I don't want your product in the first place. The sure can do a soft shoe routine pretty fast. LOL