Your Last catfish could be your Last

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    As I first started writing this I became stuck on the title.
    I knew this was not a good start but I also knew this was important and needed to be discussed.
    These are some of the titles that first came to mind:

    1. How I Spent My Summer Vacation
    Not sure but seems like I had written on this previously, somewhere around the Third grade and was wonderful reading if I recall correctly.

    2. The Luckiest Man In Town
    This seemed very fitting. You know the story, Its a Wonderful Life, with James Stewart as George Baily. He had a Guardian Angle named Clarence that taught George the true value of his life was his family and friends.

    3. Or perhaps simply The Village Idiot.

    The title is really not that important,
    you can pick, all are correct.

    This story actually began around 6 weeks ago and I will try to keep it short.

    My grandson and I had just driven about 100 miles to the cabin when I felt a dull heavy tightening
    in my chest. It was not too bad but I did need to go inside to sit down for a bit and was relieved when it very suddenly went away. The rest of the weekend was spent building a storage shed and catfishing.

    The chest pain was all but forgotten for about two weeks and was dismissed as some kind of indigestion or muscle strain.
    Two weeks later the same dull ache returned in the early afternoon. I actually expected it to last the same amount of time, five or ten minutes and just go away, like it did before. This time it just wouldn't leave, didn't seem to get any worse but I could not do anything to get it to stop. Not feeling much better I finished my shift at work and went home. Around 7pm I had had enough and went to the hospital. I just knew the pain would stop as soon as I walked in.

    Long story short, I came out of intensive care 7 days later with a quadruple bypass. All arteries blocked except one that was 50 percent blocked.

    There is much more I could tell you about the hospital stay, some really funny, some really scary but I know listening to others hospital tales can get kind of old. Maybe some night when the bite is slow we can tell each other our stories.

    The purpose of this thread is not intended to brag that my scar is bigger than yours.
    The real intention of this is to make you aware of what a heart attack really feels like.

    Remember the part earlier that read:
    "I felt a dull heavy tightening in my chest. It was not too bad"
    This is the part that needs to be remembered. "It was not too bad"

    I had always believed if you are having a heart attack you would know it right away. I thought it would have been a sharper stabbing kind of pain that would drop you to your knees. It can be, but may also be much less.

    So here is the lesson, if you are having ANY chest pains reel up and head in to the nearest hospital.
    Don't even stop to wash off the stink bait. Time is not your friend here and this race is one that you may be betting your life on.

    If it turns out to be nothing, great! Since you are in town stop at the store and pick up some Circle Hooks that everyone either loves or hates and go back catfishing. Try new things, hug your kids and enjoy your life.
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    Virginia, Illinois
    Hope you are doing OK now. Just had afriend who experienced the same thing and he just said he was tired often.

  3. FS Driver

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    thanks for shareing that .
    and i am also glad you went in and got checked !
    my dad went through the tired phase and even a couple memory lapses
    and sudden dizziness he went in to get checked and had a quadruple as well.
    nothing to fool around with . the sooner you get checked the less damage
  4. dafin

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    Glad you made it! Any chest pain should be checked out. I was fishing Flatheads alone when I had the big one.I laid on the ground until my son found me.I woke up in ICU two days later.
  5. Mutt

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    When I had my heart attack it was sharp pain profuse sweating and dizzyness. the pain was in my left arm and some in my chest it felt like a knife that someone heated up. I was lucky it was a warning to slow down change my eating habits. that was in 91. Glad to hear your doing good now listen to your bodys they tell us things all the time.
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    Marion Ark
    So glad that you caught it Jim, so many don't, will deny the heart attack or heart problem and take aniacids. People mostly know what will give them indigestion and if they have not eaten that, they need to have it checked. It is always the it won't happen to me syndrom. Be Well Brother and spread the information. Some will listen to what has happened to others.
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    GC, OHIO
    Glad you got checked out hoss and got your quadruple bypass. That is scary and glad everything is OK.
  8. Buddrice

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    When I had my heart attack my chest didn't hurt.I felt nauseaus and clammy and there was a bad pain in my left arm just like someone drove a nail through it.I also had a quadruple bypass.That was seven and a half years ago.In fact I was called Friday to go in for a stress test at the end of this month..Don't look forward to it either
  9. Catman

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    Heart problems do not have a certian age where it can kill. young or old people are affeced these problems. I forgot who said it (Buster?) but I had aledged heartburn all my life. Acid reflux my butt.. turns out it was cadio-myopithy. heart musell die-ing Got what I thought was pnewmonia.. (I can not spell) went to the horsepistal and then my life changed forever. My wife made our local hospital ship my dying but to the V.A. hospital in St. Louis. I lived
    The piont of this thread is do not ignore any chest pain regardless of your age

    Thank You Jim
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    Mine felt like I had swallowed something that got hung about half way down. Not a sharp pain just uncomfortable. Minor pain in left arm. I was 44. Double by-pass for me.

  11. flathead willie

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    I'm glad you're OK. I've been worried about these things for years. My family has a history of heart problems. I really got worried several years ago when a 27 year old man in my area died while dragging a deer out of the woods. It can happen anytime to anybody.
  12. Cherokee

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    Tks For the story back in 2003 my dad died for a heart attack. Alot of people take life for granted when they need to relize where not going to be on this earth forever. even the bible speaks about mans heart felling them. I hope and pray you are doing great and i will keep you and your family in my thoughts and prayer.

    ( p.s ) Take it easy and get plenty of rest take it day by day MAY GOD BLESS YOU )
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    I will share my experience only as my symthons were different. I kept getting from time to time at work a Dull ache in my left arm when I would get real
    busy on my factory packing Job. At all other times no problem. I had worked in the medical field years before for a lot of years and after thinking about the ache, I realized that it wasn't that I had strained my arm but that is wasn't getting good blood flow. Went to the DR and explained it to him and after a quick EKG he sent me to the Hospital immediately. The next morning they did an angiogram and I was told if I had any blockages they would fix it while they were in my arterys with the catheter. They did nothing and I was so relieved until the Dr. came to my room and explained you can't put a stint into an artery that is totally blocked. Needless to say the next morning I had a Triple Bypass and have been fine since.

    My story:

  14. MealsOnReels

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    Thanks to all for your kind words.
    I am slowly on the mend and looking forward to some catfishing this fall.

    The only good thing about all this is I have quit smoking for the first time in 35 years and lost a lot of weight.

    I always knew that I smoked a little too much. Blood pressure was a little bit high. Little bit overweight. Little bit tired and stressed and a few other little things.

    By themselves they were all just little problems that I needed to change
    but when all the little issues are added together it was one large, heavy drain on the system.

    Again thanks to all and be well,
  15. Believer

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    Greenwood, AR.
    Thanks for sharing your experiences & I'm glad to hear that things are shaping up for you. Sounds like the Lord still has something for you to do. :smile2:

  16. kccats

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    Olathe, Kansas
    Great post. Most anything can happen to you any given day for sure.
    When I was in rehab 15 years ago, after I rededicated my life to the Lord, he gave me a special gift.
    He allowed me to be aware of my first waking breath, and it blew me away.
    I realized that it was a gift from God and it was his will for me to be alive today. I sometimes forget that, and posts like this remind me to remember what he has shown me.