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    I was about 9 at the time. We hunted in West Virginia out side of Webster Springs. I used a 30-30 at the time. We hunted all day with no luck. As we pulled in the drive way we saw a deer on the bank. My grandpa always had a 7mm he loved that gun. So we got out of the truck my dad went to go get my gun out of the back. Well grandpa told me to use his gun. I got the deer in the sights grandpa took it off safety. As soon as I shot I heard my dad start to yell NO!!!. Well by this time I am on the ground. The scope hit me in the eye. The gun dropped to the ground. Broke off some wood on the stock. Cracked the scope. An I couldn't use my arm for two months. My dad was vary upset at my grandpa. All he could do is laugh the hole time. Well i got the deer a small 6pt. He passed away about 6 years ago an the gun was left to me. My dad thinks it is the funnist thing he has ever seen in the field.
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    The year was 1965 , I had a fred bear recurve #45 pull and 6 handmade cedar arrows that my uncle had made and fletched with tame turkey feathers. My outfit was blue jeans and my dads army jacket. Well I found me a corn field and found me a big old oak and waited and waited and waited for 2 months I waited and not a thing, not even a sound till one evening I spied a 8 point buck. Well no one had told me about the "buck fever" I was shaking so bad acorns were falling off the limb I was standing on. The buck looked right up at me and I swear the devil was laughing at me in my get up. I pulled back my bow and put my mark on him. One problem I didnt not see the little 4 inch diameter tree in the kill zone it looked like part of the deer. Well I released and a loud "whack" shatter the silence of the woods. The deer stood like a statue for what seemed like five years and then gave me the whitetail. Years later I was home visiting and happen to think I wonder if that arrow was still there and it was. I set down and replayed each moment of that hunt over in my mind. It was special for me and still is.:big_smile:

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    My first successful deer hunt was about 9 years ago and started with me falling asleep 15ft up in a tree wearing a safety harness with my bow laying across my lap with no arrow knocked. I woke up to the sound of leaves crunching under heavy(or i thought they were heavy at the time) foot steps. i spotted a small doe walking straight towards me, i still didnt have an arrow knocked so i just had to watch that little deer walk right on by. But as soon as it was gone, i got an arrow ready for another encounter. It was about 10 minutes later when that same little doe wandered back by me, and this time i was ready. i drew back my youth model hoyt and aimed through a small opening at the deer, let my arrow fly. It found its mark and the little deer took off like a rocket. We went and found the deer a few minutes later and i now know what bambi really looked like. lol It may have been a small deer but it was my first one and it was the best eating deer i ever had!!!
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    My first deer was when I was 17-18. We had a decent snow and I didnt have four wheel drive so a long, LONG walk lay ahead. No joking here cause I measured with the tripometer. A quarter mile up a hill and a quarter mile on flat land through about 3 inches of snow. I had a wooden stand set up about 10 yards from a pond and about 20 yards from a apple tree. A nice little 7 pointer came from behind the pond and went right to the apple tree. I had put some scent out so I got to watch him thrash the lower branches of the tree with his antlers. After he was done with that he sniffed the air and he started staring right at me. This being my second year hunting I had the fever somewhat under control. Once he broke his stare off he turned his back to trot off. As soon as he turned I brought my rifle up and shot him. I then drug him back to the truck. That was my most memorable hunt, I think mainly from how great it looked during that snow storm.
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    First deer was when i was 14. My brother inlaw now but not then took me with he and his Dad to Jordan lake game land. We walked for 45 min and i thought we'd never get there. I was sent up the hill with a borrowed 45 cal muzzle loader, a borrowed pair of camos and a borrowed climbing stand. Which now I proudly own each and every piece. I sat up that tree that morning wondering if I would even be able to see at all when it came daybreak. about 8 am I was still up there waiting for someone to come and get me and this 5 point in southern and a 3x2 in northern came out of some mnt laurel. I did'nt have a scope or anything. I held that Daniel Boone style rifle up and squeezed the trigger. I couln't see anything. I saw the buck run off and lost sight of him. When the others got to me i was still sitting about 25 ft off the ground. I hadn't realized how high i was while climbing in the dark. I got down and showed them where i thought he was standing and of course no blood could be found. Well the oldest of us Alvin Kinney was not saying much but was studying hard the scene, he said youngin heres about all the blood that deer had in it on the ground several yards away. We found the young buck 35 or 40 yrd over the little ridge. I drug that first deer dang near ever bit of the way. I had the head mounted and still have it with the more larger mounts now. Out of all of them i cherish it the most. Thanks a bunch for letting me relive that awesome trip 22 yrs ago.:smile2:
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    i killed my frst deer at age 13.when i was a kid that was the magic number cause kids wernt allowed to go deer hunting till their 13 th birthday.i was making the drive by walking up this old log road going up tall peak moutain by shady lake.i was walking along and ever once in a while i would bark like a dog.all of a sudden i saw what i thought was a dog coming toward me.i kept my eye on it and at 15 steps it stoped and i could see it was a spike buck.i eased my single shot 20 gauge shotgun up and shot hin in the head.he tuned and ran off but when my uncle got there he trailed up my deer and man was i a happy boy.
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    i got my first deer at the age of 11 with a 30/30 marlin. my dad and i had went hunting and he wouldnt let me set close to him but he had already missed two bucks that year so i was moving in on him well i just walked across the hill from him....out of site anyways. im setting there about 8.30 and this button buck comes up and i decide to shoot. i shot the deer runs off and dad comes walking over the hill and i tell him the story. well we walk back to the tree i was setting against that morning and he reaches up and touches the tree and i hear a crack and look up and see the top falling out. i take off running and he does too but he ran right up under it and it took him to the ground. i thought he got hurt bad but he was okay. kind of scared being a kid 1 1/2 mile back in the woods and all. well we look for a long time and give blood. so dad decided we just as well hunt the rest of the day and starts walking back to his spot. well he finds a great blood trail and we followed it to the deer.
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    got my first deer was when i was 12, and i almost got the hell whipped out of me for it. me and my buddy were at his place for christmas break in utah. we went out to the hay fields to shoot cottontails with his dad's henry .22 levergun. his dad told me you can't kill a deer with a .22 the night before, because the bullet's too small. well we were walking in the sage down a hill, and 10 or 12 mulie does walk out and stare at us. i shot the nearest one in the head, and she went right down. the rest of the deer ran away, and we ran to the doe, then ran all the way back to the house, proud as hell. buddy's dad was irate and cussing the whole time, but he took us back out there and tagged the deer, then showed us how to field dress and wash out the body cavity with snow. we were tired when we got home, but he kept us up most of the night showing us how to process meat. he never said anything about it being illegal, just that the bullet was too small.
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    i dont have one yet:sad2:, but i hope i will in about 3 months