Your favorite memories growing up as a kid!

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    Tell us about your favorite memories growing up as a kid or in your younger years anyway, lol.

    This one I can remember so well and it has been a long, long time ago.

    I was about 10 or 11 years old. It was summertime and I was staying with my Grandpaw and Grandmaw. They lived in the country and had a big pond behind their house. I can remember that my Grandpaw loved to walk the banks of the pond with his 22 rifle and shoot every turtle he saw. It was his ritual, every day. On this particular day Grandmaw told me that my Dad and Uncle Bit were coming down to go to Dorchete creek on past the house into the woods about two miles or so to fish for bream and gogeleye. Oh boy I was excited. I loved going to the creek. It is so beautiful down there. I couldn't wait for them to get there to pick me up. Well, they got there, but they didn't have any intentions of taking me this time. I cried like my puppy had just died. I mean, I just couldn't believe that they would go without me! Well, they did. After they left I went and got my cane pole, scratched up a few worms, and started fishing around the pond stringing them up as I went. I fished till I had the stringer just about full and was about to quit, but there was one more place that I had hung a good'un that had got away. I made my way over to that big ole log and eased the glob of worms down in beside it into one of the forks. Then he hit, bam, I knew it was him. I rarred back on that cane pole and finally pulled him up outta there. It was the biggest gogeleye that I had ever seen. I was soo proud that I grabbed him up and the stringer and went running to the house hollering and yelling to top of my lungs. Grandmaw and Grandpaw both came outside thinking that I had been snake bit or something. I showed them what I had caught. They were proud of me. I couldn't wait for my Dad and my Uncle Bit to get back from the creek. When they did I went and looked in their toe sac to see what they had caught. Lol, they didn't have as many as I did and surely didn't have a gogeleye as big as the one I caught. I was so proud, I had beat them both, lol. To this day I don't think that I have caught one any bigger than that one was, and I have caught a heck of a lot of them since then.

    Well, thats one of my best memories. Hope you enjoyed it.

    Dedicated to the memory of my Grandpaw, Grandmaw, and my Uncle Bit who have since passed on.

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    That is a great story Don! I really don't have one fishing memory in particular that stands out more than any other, but what is pretty cool for me is that they all seem to revolve around my grandpa, the bank of a small drainage ditch that ran through his farm, an old cane pole that he had always dug out of the barn, and a lot of carp, catfish and bullhead. Great stuff!

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    Fayetteville, A
    My grandparents were caretakers of a lodge. Beautiful for situation, and that is where I learned to fish, and appreciate the outdoors. I remember them incubating duck and goose eggs and the hatchlings and how I spent many days watching those birds on the water and thought my little world was truly peaceful and safe. It was a wonderful place to be. Oh through the eyes of a child!!!!

    There was a falling out and I was not allowed to see them anymore when I was 9, and I remember that I could not understand why they was ripped away from my life.. it was devasting for me at the time. I am sure my mother did what she had to do and felt she was making the right decision, but I did not understand it and I still don't, since she never talked to me about it or explained it.

    I did have contact with them later on and they have both passed now, but it was very nice to know that they did love me still and regretted not being able to be with me after that age and up to my mid 20's.

    I often wonder how different things may have been, had they been with me through my teen and early adult years.
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    My grandpa was 88 when he passed on, he fished about 4-5 times a week, at age 88 he would walk 3 or 4 miles to fish to do this.

    I remember my first fishing trip with my Granpa, my dad had taken us down to the creek in a hole he knew, and we were fishing and I was catching fish so fast, my dad was just baiting the hook and taking fish off. My grandfather sat there and never did catch a fish, my dad would throw my pole out and my Grandfather would cast right beside mine. After the fishing trip was over my Grandfather told my dad the reason he didnt catch any was I was making to much noise. My dad told him maybe he should have made a little noise, if that is what it took to catch fish, that is sure worked for me :smile2:.

    It was a long time before I fished with my grandpa again, I guess I was in my teenage years before I fished with my Grandfather again. But every time I went to the river fishing I would go and pick him up, since he never owned a car. We did a lot of fishing together, and I learned a lot about river fishing.

    My grandfather never was one to complain, during his 88th year, his health started failing. I hadnt been by in a couple of weeks to fish, so I thought I would go and pick him up and go to the river to his favorite hole, it was an easy walk for him. When I went to pick him up, he told me he really didnt feel like fishing that day, so I knew. I was so bummed out, I didnt even go fishing, I went home and told my Dad he had better go over and check on Grandapa. Grandpa passed on a couple of weeks later. When I think about Grandpa, I can still smell his homemade stinkbait, made out of Limburger cheese and crushed minnows.......boy, I never will forget that smell......
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    Thanks, Don Great story and everyone else thanks too. I'lll keep mine short. 1st 20# Striper San Francisco Bay 1970, 1st Duck 1969 Drake widgeon over the top 30 yards single shot 16ga westernfield shotgun, Pancaked him and tore the blind wall out leaving the blind to retrieve it. Best of times as a kid because I got to share them with my Dad
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    My favorite memory growing up was getting huge grocery bags of fireworks for my birthday,July 3 OHH YEAH!!!