Your commute and fuel use

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what category does your whole house fit in for fuel use?

  1. 0-10 gallons per week

  2. 11-20 gallons per week

  3. 21-30 gallons per week

  4. 31 or more gallons per week

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  1. sal_jr

    sal_jr New Member

    Ithaca, MI
    he bros.

    I drive 18 miles a day to work, the same for the return home obviously, about 250-300 miles every few days DURING WORK, and an additional 250-300 miles on the weekends...

    How much fuel out of curiosity do folks use out there in BOC-Land?

    My wife does 55 miles each way twice a day, plus maybe 30-50 miles on weekends.
  2. TDawgNOk

    TDawgNOk Gathering Monitor (Instigator)

    Tulsa, Oklahoma
    My wife and I both fill up at least once a week. Her car, Lincoln Navigator holds roughly 27 gallons, at least, that is the most we have put in it. I drive a Suzuki Sidekick, and I put roughtly 12 gallons in it.

  3. Desperado

    Desperado Active Member

    Pataskala, Ohio
    I travel 23 miles one way to work. This gas is eating me up.
  4. griz

    griz Well-Known Member

    Murray Ky.
    I drive 70 miles one way to work. My wife has classes at LBL 3 times a week(about 40 miles round trip) and classes at Murray State 2 times a week(16 miles round trip) so these gas prices are rough on us too.
  5. fwmud

    fwmud New Member

    Wilson's Mills,nc
    monday thru friday drive to work is 36 miles one way.
    used to be I drove a lot on weekends but since my boats been down it's a lot less.
    We had to down size the number of run arounds even before gas got high.

    JERMSQUIRM New Member

    i work construction. most of the time i drive an hr. its $3.25 here now. i think ill just shoot myself while im dove hunting this evening.
  7. Big Nick

    Big Nick New Member

    McKinney TX
    I feel all your pain. I average about 2500 miles a month being an Insurance Agent. I specialize in farm and ranch insurance so I tend to drive quite a bit.
    Hey Cats4uanme, while your at it shoot me too.
  8. misterwhiskers

    misterwhiskers New Member

    I'm fortunate enough that the wife works about 5 miles from home,and we only have the one truck right now.Before this rise in fuel we was ready to get a minivan or another vehicle.
    LMAO now i am thinking of saving that money to put towards the luxury tax they are going to hit us with if these prices get any higher.Almost ready to have me siphoning fuel out of the boat!
    (a cooler head prevailed and will get it from the lawn mower before the boat,i mean priorities are priorities)
    I also load up not far from home maybe 2 miles,and my route is very close by.First stop is maybe a mile from the depot so i am pretty lucky in that respect.Some guys travel a good 10-20 miles before they get to their first stop.On a regular day though i go through about 25 miles round trip so I'm not lookin forward to going to the pumps any time soon.
    Right now i have enough gas to hold me through tuesday,maybe wednesday morning,maybe.I dunnno if i should fill up again now or hold off till after this holiday weekend hopeing the price drops a bit.

    Not to mention this is definitely going to increase the cost of heating our homes and practically everything else from food to school clothes....
    It was nice to hear they are tapping the reserves,but my question is,
    How much help is that CRUDE oil going to be if HALF of the refineries are shut down?
    Crude oil ain't gonna do me much good until its refined!
  9. Dano

    Dano New Member

    About boats. LOL All I do is sit in my boat under the shed and pretend. Like a kid pushing a toy truck around in dirt. My wife laugh at me one night. I was sitting in my boat acting like I was headed to my fishing hole, casting my R&R in the yard, reeling it back in. everytime it caught a little snag on the grass or something, I would set the hook and tell her, that one is bout 10 Lbs, grab the net honey. LMHO.
  10. bull_head

    bull_head New Member

    Laceyville, PA
    I no longer work due to a heart condition ...

    I have decided to curtail my fishing season a bit ..... I used to fish 4 to 5 times a week but now im gonna have to limit myself to maybe a couple times a month ... only getting paid once a month (disability) ... this will defiantely affect how much I spend ... and where

    Normally I only fill my Blazer once a week ... whatever it takes to fill the tank
    but what used to fill the tank ($20) now dont even put a whole in it ... the tank on my Blazer is only about 13 gallons ( i think) but this will still my usage
  11. Cyclops01

    Cyclops01 New Member

    Eden, NC.
    Well, let's see here. My wife was let go from her job two weeks ago and I'm retired. The grocery store is about three miles, round trip, and we make two trips per week. So... we are down to six miles per week, TOTAL. But when our checking account is wiped out, I suppose we can cut that down to zero miles per week, since there won't be money for groceries, or fuel.

    So there you have it!!! Fuel conservation at its very best. I hope it helps.
  12. Rainman4u2

    Rainman4u2 Guest

    The Girlfriend does 50 miles/week, and I do 350/week. That's just driving to work. That averages to 1 tank of gas per week for me, and 1 tank every two weeks for her. Gas is $2.99/gal right now, so....(28 gal(my car) + 13 gal(her car) * 2.99 = $122.59(roughly) every two weeks. That's not counting going fishing, or going some where special for a night.... :crying:

  13. FS Driver

    FS Driver New Member

    luckily my wife works about 2 1/2 miles away at a hospital and works three
    12 hour shifts to make her 40 hours ( 3 -12's are considered 40 hours here).
    my miles are constantly differant but on average between 60 - 100 miles a day
    if i'm doing calls and less if im stuck at one house all day.
    i hope i get stuck at a lot of larger all day jobs for the next few weeks.
    fat chance.:sad:

    tonite after i did a side job i passed 3 gas stations touting 3.29 regular

    then the last one closest to home was 2.99 .
    i filled it up and called my wife and told her to bring her car too. and topped it off.

    maybe i did wrong , maybe i did the smartest thing i could do. i dont know.

    with the threat of prices going up with no end in site i figured to at least top our tanks off would be the best thing to do .

    i really am depressed about this whole thing.
    to think less than a week ago the stuff was 2.42 and now almost a dollar higher.
  14. roofermike

    roofermike New Member

    Jefferson City, Missouri
    Don't get depressed DRC, things have a way of shaking themselves out.

    First of all I think these high prices are going to cut down on a usually busy weekend coming up, most people are gonna say screw it and stay home.

    Secondly as soon as the water receds in NO they will be able to assess the damage. Hopefully it isn't as bad as predicted. Either way it will stop all the speculating, and then we can move forward with fixing the problem

    Finally, people are going to become smarter about the way the drive. Driving 5 miles an hour slower will increase mileage, so what if you get home 5 minutes later.
  15. safetybass

    safetybass New Member

    I'm lucky, and only drive maybe a mile and a half to my office. My teenagers go a mile and a half in the opposite direction to school. However, wife averages about 35,000 miles per year commuting to work and during work. Luckily her Jeep gets about twice the mileage my truck gets. Gas is only 2.80 here right now at a couple of places; others have hit that $3 mark.

    Last time I went fishing, I used 12 gal in boat, 10 gal in truck. Only cost me $52 to fill back up. Not sure I can afford to go more than about once or twice a month at this rate. May take up golf again. It seems to be cheaper.
  16. Coloman

    Coloman New Member

    Soddy Daisy, Tn
    Being in the heating and A/C biz, my fuel bill is getting to be out of hand. I have raised my service call rates 2 time in the last year and half. Its looking like I will have to do it agine. Makes my customers real happy!
  17. misterwhiskers

    misterwhiskers New Member

    "but what used to fill the tank ($20) now dont even put a whole in it ... "

    Hey Bullhead,

    isn't it wierd how what it used to cost to fill up will now only allow you to fill up our lawn mowers?
  18. wolfman

    wolfman Well-Known Member

    Triadelphia, WV
    Walter Flack
    I drive about 36 miles a day round trip. Tried to talk the boss at work into letting me work 4 ten hour days rather than 5 eights. That went over like a fart in church, so now im only going to drive 50 mph instead of 55 and also looking into down sizing to a 4cyl fuel injected pickup.
  19. Individualist

    Individualist New Member

    Lansing, Kansas
    My wife drives a tahoe 74 miles a day every other week ( she car pools with fellow employee ) and wants to trade it in for something more efficient, I began looking around for her and have discovered that no one is willing to give blue book trade in value which is about 24,000 for a 2003. Best offer I had so far is 20,000, I can't take that kind of loss. Luckily I own it outright so I'm only paying for the gas to push it around, but that's getting to be unacceptable with current prices for fuel. I think maybe I'll wait a few weeks and see what the fuel price trends are and then see if I can sell it or just park it and get her a beater to drive to work in.
  20. center12

    center12 Active Member

    I'm fortunate enough that I'll be able to ride my bike to work about 75% of the time. My wife has to use her vehicle at her job, but the employer pays her a gas stipend every 2 weeks. Very fortunate indeed.