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    Brothers and Sisters,
    I have decided to take on a project for next year's Christmas gifts for the young teen/young adult soon to be cooks in my family. I want to make a cookbook with basic easy to read and follow recipes for down home dishes that do not have hard to find ingredients.
    I am inviting any of you that want to participate to email recipes to me to compile them for the book.
    Here are the guidelines for what I need:
    1....The recipes should be something you use from your personal collection
    2....They should be easy to follow steps, nothing to confuse new cooks
    3....Instructions should be basic, simple wording
    4....The ingredients should be easy to find in a local grocery store.

    Please send 1 recipe for each of the 7 categories:

    1....Appetizers, Salsas, & Sauces
    2....Breads & Pastas
    3....Vegetables & Side Dishes
    4....Meats & Main Dishes
    6....Soups & Stews
    7....Beverages, Home Remedies & Miscellaneous

    Please include personal comments with each recipe such as: where you got the recipe, how you use it, what complementary dishes or sauces you use with it, how you created it, how many the dish should feed... anything to personalize it to you. Add your name and your hometown and state.
    If it is low salt, fat, sugar, etc, pleas make note of this on the recipe as well.

    At this moment it is not a "for sale" BOC endorsed project.. it is a personal one for the kids in my family. If I should decide to take it further and consult with Paul over it being BOC backed and for sale, I will post as to that.

    Thank you to those that volunteer to take the time to send the recipes. Love you bunches.
    Please email them to:
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    Reps to that Punkin.:wink:

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    Leslie,Reps to you on this,Good thinking. I'll see what I have that is simple ,{Most of mine are} I am a simple man :wink:
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    Leslie, are you talking about Christmas 2010?
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    OIC, please disregard, I read the post wrong, you said "next year." Sorry. I can get you a few recipes by then! :big_smile: