Yough Lake

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  1. PaJay-p

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    Has anyone ever fished the Yough Dam for catfish? I've fished in the past for Walleyes exclusively. Always heard stories of big cats .
  2. stoney53

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    i also have fished just for walleye in yough lake never heard anyone talk about cats there will be interesting to see if anyone has fished the lake for cats i'm sure there has to be some in there

  3. bw69r

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    West Newton, PA
    i was there one time with my cousin a while back. we had never been there and found a parking lot with a boat ramp. there was what looked like a canal on the side of the lot that people were fishing and they were catching carp, huge suckers 17-24 inches long, and nice channel cats up to 8 pounds. don't remember exactly where it was now as that was the only time i was there and it was a long time ago. honestly i would love to get some of those suckers for bait.
  4. unclesam0000

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    I also have heard of big cats there. One local guy told me of big yellow cats. I think he was probably meaning flatheads. I also heard people say they think there are Blues in there, but it may be big channels.