You want my hat? No way!

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  1. gilmafam

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    How many of you have one favorite hat? Your signature.."that this is a you thing"....I mean to have one, is sick.... but thats ok.... if you go fast, you have to wear it backwards to keep it on..... if its wide it will blow off... sometimes you got to have two, one to get there with it on, and then one to wear when you are thing for sure though is that the wife does not dust off your hats for you like other nick nacks in the house,

    bayrunner ray
  2. laidbck111

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    I have a favorite hat that I have had for years. The misses did wash it once and will never do that agian.

  3. superman

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    DeSoto MO
    the hat i wear while fishing 90 percent of the time i have had since i was 15 ( the hat is 13 years old ) i do beleive it is the pirates minor league team n.c. mud cats but i could be wrong i got cause it has well had now a pic of a catfish on it