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    i get this all the time either when i'm fishing or hunting, i get people who ask for some of what i get, Now don't get me wrong i do give a lot away, but it eruks me to no end when someone comes up to me and ask for something that takes me a long time and effort to get. If i see a person hunting or fishing and they are having a time of it i will without a second thought give some of my catch. If you are willing to put fourth a effort to try, i'm willing to help, But, don't come to me and ask if you are not taking the effort to go out to the woods or lake and try, Hey put some time into it. There are people who can't get out and do such activities, and i have no problems supplying them with some game or fish. I always have someone at work asking for catfish or ducks, I ask them to come along with me but they say no thanks you can just give me what you get after you clean it. YEA-----------RIGHT? get off your duff and join me. Am i'm wrong for feeling this way? I hope not all i ask is for one to put forth the same effort. or at least take the time to help in cleaning the game and or fish.
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    Have you ever been too tired to clean your catch when you get home? Ask a neighbor if they want the fish and they ask is it cleaned, and they don't want take it if not cleaned. I have several times.
    Last time any of them have been asked.

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    I like to teach. Can't get enough of showing somebody how to do something, with them actually learning (with them learning is the reason I won't be a teacher...) I taught my all time fishin' buddy everything I know about catfishing, and loved it. I also eat up all the information I can get, so it's a two lane road I'm traveling down. I suppose you're right about not giving something to somebody who doesn't try. I won't clean fish for someone who won't either. I'd rather take twice as long, instructing them how to do it right, (atleast the way I do it..ha) than to do it for them. But it's not so much the giving, it's the high I get from knowing I taught somebody something. I'm sure you know what I mean.

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    I hear ya Jeff I wont give my take to anyone ,less they are in need of it and if they ask if its cleaned and I say no ,if they say oh ,i dont want it ,I never ask them again if they want any.
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    I went pheasant hunting once before work and didnt have enough time to finish plucking them so I left em on the bottom shelf of the fridge till I got home. well my wife got home first since we worked different shifts at that time. she went to get a drink and was greated by a pair of legs sticking out at her. I got a talking to when I got home. guess I shoulda called her to let her know what I had in the fridge!! oops
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    Lost Wages
    Here in Nevada its actually illegal to give your catch away, even to someone that has a license. They figure that if 4 people go fishing and 1 catches everyones limit thats not fair to other fishermen.
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    I dont expect people to go with me if they want something, but i do expect them to clean it. One guy at work wanted some rabbits, which i gladly provided him. When i brought them to his house, i proceeded to show him how to clean i just drop them off at his house. Somebody else from work heard i liked catfish, and brought them to me....he didn't know how to clean them. I showed him, and he gave me the fish....what a deal! Only people i clean fish for are my grandparents (they've sure done enough for me over the years!) and myself. You want a duck or goose? You're picking the feathers. You want a deer? I'll shoot it, gut it and you can accompany me to the butcher with it, and pick it up (and of course you're paying the butcher).