You Get Tired of Me!!

Discussion in 'General Conversation' started by TOPS, Jan 2, 2008.

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    I know some of you get tired of me asking, no begging for donation to keep the B.O.C. up and running. Well, the B.O.C. is important to me, I have met some dear friends here and would hate to see this site not grow and become stronger. When, I injured my back the B.O.C. was there to help me thru the depression time that I had. When the money got tight, there were several times I almost gave up, then a member would sense the depression and would give me a call and I would push on. So yes I will work my butt off for this site. Please donate.
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    Now c'mon, can we get tired of you?

    I suppose that could effectively shut down for a "Pledge Week" like all of those PBS radio/TV stations do. Now, what would BOC folks think of that?

    I reckon we had rather just break out the ol' wallets and purchase a star or two--a whole lot less of a hassle! :wink:

    Thanks for the greatest community on the Internet! :0a31: