You gents that use skipjacks for bait in the Ohio River

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    How do you get them? When using shad for bait, I use a cast net. But I never catch skipjacks in the net that I can remember. And while watching one of thos $5 closeout VHS tapes from In-Fisherman, "A Day On The River", they were using 5 to 9 inch bullheads for bait. Very lively little rascles but where the heck would you come by them?? Fishing for bait like this with hook and line would take a month of Sundays wouldn't it?? Help out the dummy here boys. Thanks for your time.
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    If the skippies are in your waters, you can catch them below a dam in the fast water.

    Use a good casting rod with a 4 oz sinker tied on the end of the line. Place a large salmon or striper sized (5/0) fly on each of three loops spaced out a foot apart above the sinker.

    Cast the rig into the fast foaming water and reel it back quickly, trying to keep the flies from sinking too deep. The skipjack will be able to catch the fly no matter how fast you reel, so don't worry. You know when they hit... keep a good grip on the rod.

    Stripers, sand bass, bluecat and flathead have all taken the flies, so be prepared. The best color here in the Arkansas River seems to be red/white, chartreuse/red and just about every other color if they're hungry.

    Bullhead are routinely caught in perch traps or by rod-n-reel with worms from local ponds. The small bullhead (3-8 inches) are hooked through the lower jaw from the inside, or behind the dorsal fin for use as live bait for flathead. It's a territorial thing with flatties, they can't tolerate a bullhead near their nest.

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    You can also catch them on a jig about 1 1/2 ft below a casting bobber. Catch them below the dam like stated previously. Check your state laws on trapping bait before you try to catch bullheads this way.
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    Bait stores around here are starting to sell bullheads. I'm gonna have to give them a try this year.
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    I heard people catch em on jigs, but I have never caught one.