"You don't Know Jack"

Discussion in 'General Conversation' started by akwolf41, Jul 1, 2006.

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    I have been told my whole life that "You don't know Jack"!!! I guess in a lot of ways I had always thought that I had learned and experienced so many things that the statement could not be true. All of a sudden I realized for sure that "I didn't know Jack". Well this coming Friday I will get the Great Opportunity to finally meet "Jack". Now I am talking about the "One and Only Jack Holsky"
    Yes!!! The one that won the "Surviver Series", A Big "ICON" on the BOC. OH Yes "Netmanjack" Holsky. I am looking forward to this coming weekend like you can not believe. It's not often that a person can meet STAR of one of the Survivor Series' in person and get to share a Piece of Cut Skipjack with in the Boat skippered by the "World Famous Ohio River Guide--DH Simcox". This will be a full guided Fishing Extravaganza. Me, The guy that didn't know Jack, will when I am done with this weekend. SO Now I don't want to hear that Statment "You don't know Jack"

    Can't Wait:


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    Wish I was still gonna be able to meet JACK and all you other fellows.Its not looking good right now though,I'll need a miracle for my back to heal up enough to make the trip and fish.I hope you all catch some BIG'UNS while you're out.

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    Sounds like you've got a great weekend ahead of you. Tell us how "knowing Jack" is when you get back from your adventure. Theres still a lot of us that "don't know Jack".
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    I have met Jack !! and he seems like a Jack of trades !! he is also a Jack of hearts from what his wife says !! I must be nuts to have Jack and Gene both here for three to five days , will I be able to speak of Jack and Gene when they went up the hill to catch a flathead in the well !! not sure I can handle this much pressure all in 5 days.

    I have fished with Gene in Arkansas, on the Arkansas River back in 2003 and what a night that was we fished all evening into the night and didn't catch a fish but we sure had a great time. He is as bad in real life as he is on the web site let me tell you.

    Now Jack I have met and fished with him on a couple of times back in Ohio, and Jack is not much more different then Gene, they both like to rip ya and make the night go quick with there words of wisdom and thoughts on what the guys are doing on the other side of the river or lake. It is going to be a pleasure to fish with both of them again and to have them both in the same boat with me, I may have to be admitted into the Hospital here just to recover from this visit.

    One thing I can say is I know Jack and Gene !! :lol:
  5. maddcatter

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    I've met Jack a couple of times. A real nice guy. He's got a pretty good sense of humor too.
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    I know Jack well a Jack he's the guy standing beside me in my avatar. lol
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    Gene old buddy, if you don't know jack by now, I'm afraid you never will. On the other hand, if you have enough jack, we could buy some jack and get all jacked up. But thin we might go jack'n our jaws to much and get our jaws jacked by DH. In that case DH would throw Gene and Jack off the boat and we would be sitting on the dock playing jacks wondering if we ever knew jack in the first place, or at least you would because I know Jack! He is a real nice guy!:big_smile: