York haven for fall flathead catfish

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  1. Katfish-hunter

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    Is there good flathead fishing in the fall around the york haven dam? How do I get there from allentown? Is there any good spots to fish from shore? are there any guides around?
  2. kaleigh

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    Lehigh Valley Pa
    Looks like nobody wants to talk to you,or else they did not see your post.I thought I remembered hearing about a place called Safe harbor .It is below Lancaster.It is supposed to be a good place for Flats and I think they have a Pier to fish from.

  3. ibohunter

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    southeast, pa
    from allentown take 222 south to lancaster, 30 west to columbia, and 441 north to falmouth
  4. great pappy cat

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    I had an extraordinary sept.they ate me out of bait every night out I bested my best for size and quantity got 4 fish over 20# and many in the mid to high teens.I think the season has all but come to an end for flatheads but the muskys and walleyes are just warming up.if youre going to fish from shore fish from the cat walk above the hydro electric station on the west bank.Take 83 south to newberrytown exit,left from exit ramp past Rutters keep going strait and youll run right into it.Next year I hope to realize my dream of being a catfish guide.So once im legal with the P.F.B.C and get my website you could book a trip with me as far as i know there arent any catfish guides on the susquehanna