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Short of wading out to set and check your yo-yos, I can't begin to visualize how you would use them from the bank. Trotlines from the bank are called throwlines, and they can be very effective for the bank fisherman. Back in the early 60s when I was working one summer on the bank of the Tennessee River, I kept a couple or three throwlines off our dock all the time, and baited with Ivory soap, because I didn't want to smell like catfish bait at work.
I recommend that you use a heavy nylon cord, say 350# test or greater, so you can have plenty of pull without danger of breaking it or cutting into your hands. Attach a weight at the bottom with relatively light line, say 30# test, so you can break it off when it gets hung up. Attach a couple of dropper lines above the weight, using at least 30# test, heavier if you feel you may hang some really nice fish. But remember that these hooks are going to hang up at times, and you've got to be able to break them off when that happens, so don't go overboard here. Don't attach more than a couple of hooks, because you've got to be able to hold your mainline above ALL your hooks when you throw out your line. And be very careful of those flying hooks! Tie off your throwline to something solid. Take a heavy duty bungee cord or piece of inner tube and attach it to your throwline so that it creates a good sized loop in the line. The idea is that when a fish pulls, the rubber 'shock absorber' has some give in it so the fish can't get a good solid pull. You don't simply attach the rubber as a link between two sections of the throwline, because if it should break, you lose your throwline, fish, and everything. Doing it the way I suggested means that if the rubber should break, the worst that will happen is that the fish will be able to get a solid pull on the line.
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