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My plan was to take a nap and head out late yesterday evening- Ended up not being able to sleep and left at 3:00 instead. The Ohio was up a bit and a little muddy. I started out in the mouth of a creek and only got a couple of Gar runs. Tried 20-25ft of water and got nothing. I then started hitting the edges of the banks and caught a decent Channel cat in less than 2 ft of water. That was the only fish I caught all evening, so I quit at dark and headed home. I was tired, the fish weren't biting and the heat was taking it's toll on me. I was talking to an older gentlemen at the boat ramp as I was leaving and he said the Blues were starting to come out of the rocks and feed again, but I certainly didn't see the proof of it yesterday. I haven't caught a Blue in over a month now. I'll sure be glad when things get back to normal out there.
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