Yellow Breeches Creek= One of Central PA's most overlooked small Bass streams

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    I've been fishing on the lower Yellow Breeches Creek for a solid ten years. I can tell you for quanity it is just as good or better than sections of the Susquehanna. So, you can expect to catch ten or fifteen Smallies in an hour mostly in the "9-"13 range. On occasion a good fifteen inch keeper size smallie will bite. The summer before last I hooked a "25 plus one on the creek. I hooked it by accident while fishing for rock bass on some small artificial grubs. Lol, I hooked it when it was twelve inches from the canoe and got it six inches from the canoe when the puny five year old cheap line that I used to use for Hybrids at Pay Lakes broke. It taught me a lesson. Never go smallmouth fishing with old line or without a net. I imagine how many pounds of wonderful fillets that would make. Those Smallmouth from the Yellow Breeches Creek actually have an excellent flavor :smile2:.

    Just saying its a wonderful creek that is worth an hour drive. Acess points abound, mostly below spillways at overpasses. Also smallmouth targeting anglers, dont waste your time fishing in the upper parts of the creek, its just a bunch of reluctant large trout up there that require serious skill. Next time you are in th Harrisburg area on the Susquehanna River,try this place out too, it is well worth your time if you are targeting a large quanity of fish, not trophy fish. Reccomended acess is Spangler's Mill Road below the Spangler's Mill Dam.