Yellow and Shoal River

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    Hey guys, just thought I would post up with what I have been seeing lately., and see if anyone had any advice.

    I haven't been having much luck on either of the rivers, but it may be my technique more than anything since I pretty much just started fishing for Catfish last year. (Always went out for Bass or Saltwater before) I did however catch a nice 2-3lb channel cat this week on a "doctored" chicken gizzard. Got him up by log lake.

    Only tried out the Shoal river once, and didn't get anything. If you go up there be careful right now...stumps and logs are all over the place and some of them are hiding. I must have hit 3 or 4 of em and bent the crap out of my prop on the last one and I was only creeping along.

    Where in the river is everyone fishing? I'm not looking for your honey hole, just wondering if people are fishing in the deep holes on the corners, in the slews that come off the river, etc. Oh yeah, and do any of you have any luck during the day? Thanks.

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    The best bait in the Yellow and Shoal is either bream cut bait (if fishing with rod and reel) or crawfish tails if limb lining.

    Using any part of a bream, bass, or pickerel on a limb or trot line is illegal in Florida. Probably because it's such a great bait! It's ok to use with rod and reel though.

    Every fish I've ever caught in the Yellow and Shoal River's had a belly full of crawfish so I started using them and have had good success. (Channels and Flatheads) I use them mostly on limb lines though because it doesn't seem like the catfish hit it very fast. Maybe a takes a while for the scent to disperse and draw them in.

    For Channel Cats I've had the best luck fishing for them along the edge of the bank with a deep channel and undercut bank.

    For Flatheads my best luck has been right in the deepest part of the river channel at dawn and dusk. I believe the Flatties use it to travel when going from their daytime holes to the shallows at night looking for food.

    In short- you'll have the best luck on these rivers if you use the right baits. Stick to natural baits that the fish would find in these rivers. (Bream, crawfish, suckers, bullheads, frogs, etc.)

    Artificial baits and stink baits don't seem to work well in these rivers.

    When you do catch one, open it up and see what's in it's stomach. It will give you a good idea of what to use. I once found one stuffed full of muscodine grapes!