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  1. farmer

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    Osceola, MO
    Just thought I would ask everyone to sum up there year on how they did catfishing. For me it was a great year just wish I would of got to go a lot more. I had a new pb blue of 31 while I was fishing with my wife and little boy who was two at the time. It was his first time fishing in the boat with me. He got mad at me because I released it. He wanted to take it home and cook it. I told him you have to let the big ones go. Thats something I never will forget.

    As for the BOC I am glad I found it. I have learned so much from all your post and i look forward to reading a lot more in 2008. I cant wait to get to know and meet all of you. Thanks.
  2. rspd507

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    Rising Sun,IN
    I too feel that I have had a great year. It kind of started out slow with me beating my PB two times. I ended up with a PB Blue of 40 pounds, a 26 pound PB Flatty and a PB 9 Pound channel. I managed to catch numerous blues ranging from the 15 to 25 pound mark. And like you said, Im glad I found the BOC because Ive learned so much from the great people here. I'm looking forward to 2008 a another great year of fishing. rspd507

  3. Malichi1970

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    Fenton, Missouri
    The year for me started off with my first boat, with a few mistakes (including not putting the plug in the first time putting it on the water :embarassed: ). But, included fishing Kentucky and Barkley lakes in the early spring and learning how to drift fish. Coming back to Missouri and getting to go out with a couple of great catfisherman from here to get me acquainted with fishing the larger rivers and catching a few fish a long the way. It's been a lot of learning for me this year, but all in all a good year. Got to meet a lot of nice people from this site and fished with some guys that know more about doing this than I ever will. Thanks to those I got to fish with and look forward to fishing with anyone I still haven't had the chance to yet. This coming year looks to be a great one and I can't wait to get it started.
  4. Skunk Master

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    Colinsville, Il
    Well this year the fish catching wasn't as good as last year, but the fishing experiences were alot more fun.. I got to meet alot of the brothers on here in person and made alot of new friends.. 2008 looks to be a great year, we will be starting a new catfish club and I actually plan on fishing some tournaments this year..
  5. CountryHart

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    I had a productive year i guess. I still have fish in the freezer. Caught a big flathead on a bass jig this year that was an awsum display of tug -of-war. Also i learned to drift fish the flats of grand lake of the cherokees. Had a really good spring turkey season considering the late freeze we had and also killed a 15 pt. this fall that scores right at 160. And to top it all off, today is my 30 annaversary and nobodys been killed yet.
  6. Bigbluefisherman

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    Well this year didn't end up like I had hoped...I did catch some nice fish, but I have still yet to get that blue over 50#s in the boat, I did meet alot of new people, and good people at that. I fished some of the KC Catfishing tournaments this year, which gave me the oppurtunity to meet several of the faces you see here on the BOC! I am definately looking foward to this coming year! Good Luck to all in the new year. Happy New Year To ALL!
  7. Michael Jake

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    Troy, Missouri
    It's been an awesome year, got to meet some great folks at different get togethers and look forward again this new year for more such times ahead. Caught alot of nice fish and one new pb river crappie. To me, the get togethers brought about from our love for catfishing just can't be beat. Folks, try your best in 08 to make some of the get togethers... great times ahead indeed.
  8. theonecatfishbob

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    Wright City, Missouri
    Met some nice people. Caught fish. As of this writing I am still alive and in reasonable health. Family is the same. What more can you ask for. Well for starters theres the world record. And then theres the power ball. You get the picture.
  9. BKS72

    BKS72 New Member

    East of KC
    Great year for me/us! Like everybody else, met some great people (Cuzfest leaps to mind...:big_smile:) and and caught fish that I never would have dreamed I'd've caught.

    Hit a 45# flathead and 70# blue and several blues in the 30s and 40s. Got to fish the Mississippi with my dad and uncle, and we caught fish (dad got a 20 and Joe hit a 30). Got to watch Eric haul in a 72# blue with a little help from Cuz.

    Put DCastle's daughter in law on a 55 lb blue, which was a fight worth watching since she only had about 50# on the fish and had only crappie fished before that:smile2:

    I didn't catch a lot of fish, but I'll take 1 70# over 7 10# any day:smile2:

    Transferred to a new job at work and am getting to do a lot of travelling.

    Overall a great year and one where I learned a lot and got a chance to help some other people out, so I can't ask for much more. And I'm less greedy than Bob, I'd settle for just the Powerball.....:wink:

    Hope you guys (and ladies) have a happy and save New Year's Eve and a great '08!

  10. Seth

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    Owensville, MO
    I had a rough year on my quest for big catfish. There were plenty of small ones to keep me busy below Bagnell Dam. Truman Tailrace never did produce a catfish for me. Had a lot of good hits, but could never hook anything.

    I am looking forward to next year. Dad helped me put together a nice rod holder setup for the back of my boat. It has 5 driftmasters sitting on it right now and I can't wait to put it to good use. With my boat setup better for river catfishing, I plan on fishing the Missouri River more and hopefully I can find a big one that wants to play tug of war.:smile2:

    RIVER-RAT Active Member

    MO / MT
    As far as fishing goes, this has been the most successful year to date since I started going after these beauties! I not only broke my PB several times this summer, but I was also able to get several people out on the boat that landed fish over 50 lbs!!

    I also got to meet alot of people that I hope to fish with again in '08. Michael Jake made a good point, the get-togethers are a whole lot of fun to attend, you get the opportunity to meet alot of great people that love to catch fish!!

    I can't wait to get back out on the water and search for the new world/state record blue!! I want to say Thank You to Cuz for putting forth ALOT of time and effort, not to mention money from his own pocket, to start the Gateway Catfishing Club! I think that 2008 will be a very fun and productive year for the members, it will give us all a chance to get together and fish with one another! What more could you ask for? So........Thank You Cuz!!!!
  12. Skunk Master

    Skunk Master New Member

    Colinsville, Il
    Hey I'll 2nd that.. Thank you Cuz for all the time and effort you put into the get togethers and also to Gateway Cats.. YOU DA MAN..
  13. Cuz

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    DeSoto, MO
    The pleasure is all mine guys. I sincerely hope everyone derives a sense of value from the club. I look forward to 2008 and I cant think of a better way to start it off with a bang then the large turnout next weekend for Uncle Sci Fi. Our first club meeting soon thereafter, and before you know it, it will be spring and well be FISHING. WOOHOOOOO. Happy New Years guys. Thanks for making 2007 a special one for me and my family.
  14. olddriller

    olddriller New Member

    A big thanks to Josh Baker a Dairy Farmer from Fair Play , Mo. for starting this post, and a big welcome to the BOC. The last 18 months have been great for me Retirement, new boat, fishing once a week , 24 lb. Blue ( on a jug) 71/2 lb Blue RR ,hunderds of lbs of other cats all year. spending many happy hours on the lakes and rivers. A big thanks to all the Boc members that have helped Me the last year. I will get a big one in 2008. Josh I know where Fair Play is at I go through it to fish with a friend on the upper Osage. Best of luck in 2008 to all you Missouri Cat chasers.
  15. jeffjbeard

    jeffjbeard New Member

    warsaw missouri
    Well this last year was just the biggest blast I have ever had fishing. I have no scale big enough for a lot of the cats I caught below the Truman dam biggest being 42 in long maybe not to big for some of the seasoned guys on here but plenty big for me. Also found out the secret to catching walleye for me had lots of people suggest there tricks of the trade never worked for me. What did work was go fishing for big cates with the biggest bloodest shade head on a size 8 kahle hook know they where some good eating mmmmmmmm mmmmmmmmmmmm. Happy New Years to you all I know this will be the year everyone beats there records if its not the size of the fish or just the good time they in pursuit of the perfect cat.
  16. poisonpits

    poisonpits Well-Known Member

    2007 was the best catfishing year of my life.i caught 16 fish larger than my p/b up to this year but that aint what made it special.i made 3 gatherings of the boc and met a lot of very special people.ive made friends from states i had only dreamed of fishing,ive learnt a lot bout giving and helping others,when i needed help or prayers for family it was given freely and quickly.i can only hope that 2008 comes close to matching 2007.i dont have enough room here to thank each and ever one of you so ill just say happy newyear and god bless the boc.
  17. spoonfish

    spoonfish New Member

    Warsaw, Mo.
    I also had a great year. Was able to meet many new BOC members at our Mo. gathering and several others through out the year. My fishing partner Primitivefrn (who I also meet at a gathering several years ago) and I were able to spend a lot of time on the water and managed to up or PB's several times. Thank You Jim!
    I was aslo fortunate to be able to fish with several others as well and made some great new friends. Thank you all very much! Looking forward to meeting more of you in 08 and wish you all the best thru out the year.
  18. Grumper

    Grumper New Member

    Crystal City MO
    2007 turned out to be a great year. From cruising down the river at 55MPH in freezing cold weather with Cuz back in February, to catching my new PB back in October. I may of had a little run of bad luck last summer, but all in all, it was a blast. I had alot of good times, and met some great people as well.
    Looking on to 2008, there are alot of activities that I am looking forward to. For instance, the beginning of Gateway Cats, (Thanks Cuz!) the Sci-Fi gathering this coming up weekend in Kentucky, and our first Gateway meeting on January 26th. In February I am looking forward to being the owner of a brand new boat, and getting back on the water....FINALLY!!. Then onto April 5th for our first tournament. Also, thanks to everyone that I got to fish with this year. May you all get new PB's:wink::cool2:
  19. primitivefrn

    primitivefrn Member

    collins mo
    had a good year, fish wise, not as many, but seen larger fish this year. done a pb and was with Troy when he done a couple pb.HE showed me the old grasshopper trick. Won't ever go by that hole with out, thinking about 81+ and grasshoppers. Also Kirk showed me how to put stinkbait on and I showed him how to put fish in boat in boat under 3 min. one time showing only. Dk would be proud.Had a good time and met,
    some new people. gain some more knowledge. looking forward to fishing with some more of you.
    Looking forward to some more personal best, and good times with fellow BOCers.
  20. Mr.T

    Mr.T Active Member

    2007 was by far my best year of catfishing.

    Caught my PB 65 lb blue on May 20, and put numerous fish in the 30 to 50 lb range in the boat (mostly caught by folks fishing with me - I was always on the wrong side of the boat). Learned a whole lot about finding fish on Truman and LOZ, but didn't make much progress in learning to fish the Missouri River.

    Also got to watch my wife, son (10) and daughter (7) each catch their personal bests -- my wife has only fished with me once but managed to land a 15lb blue in the driving rain; my son caught several in the 15 to 18 lb range over the summer and finally broke 20 lbs in October; my daughter caught a 22lb blue in October as well. I've found that it's far more rewarding to help other folks catch a big fish than to do it myself (though I won't turn down the opportunity to haul in a monster...)

    Most of my success is directly attributable to the things I've learned here on the BOC over the past few years, as well as from other great catfishermen like Steve Brown, Brad Kilpatrick and others.

    I'm optimistic that 2008 will bring continued learning and success in my endless quest for those slimy creatures we all love... :big_smile: