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    SO now that the rules have changed so much in hockey that a smara$$ nobody from "homoslavia" can concievably outscore The Great One, do you think the hall of fame will have any recordable merit in twenty years?

    Let me expand:
    Mario Lemieux scored 5 goals in the old hockey rules, 5 different ways in one All Star Game. Today a 4 point lead in the first period means nothing- its stilla close game.

    How do we cover the difficulty when recording the game stats between a time like when Lemieux played, where you had giant poeple who did nothing but pulverize the opposition (Bob Probert is a great example), and modern times when anyone who has good wheels can cherry pick and if anyone tries to stop em theyre penalized?

    How do you give credit to Wayne Gretsky- who by far was the slipperiest and best player of all time so far, knowing fully well he did it in an era when gorillas in skates roamed the ice? Can you adjust the stats to show that?

    Look at Pavel Datsyuk- my current Red Wing "rock star of the game": The kid can do unbelievable things on the ice, but do you think he could handle Joey Kocur in his heyday wrapped around his throat and still pull off a shot? Or Probert? Or even Darren McCarty 5 years ago? Or either of the Hatcher brothers? I love the way Pavel plays, but I have my doubts given the circumstances. He can twist a guy up and dance around him, but I think one punch would put the lil comrade out.

    What do you think?
    Is it fair to record goals and points that are so much easier to get now then even 5 years ago?
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    I think these new rules are a Joke. My favorite player of all time is Mario Lemieux and nobody who plays now could hold his jock when he came into the league, big and powerful with great skill. Now that the NHL has basically taken out the Enforcer these small fast and non physical forwards can score at will. The man problem is the owners are trying to make Hockey a family sport. Which hockey never has or will be, ask any old hockey player and they will say they love the enforcers and fighting is one of the best parts of playing hockey