Yatesville Lake

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  1. e5catfish

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    Smilax, KY
    Anybody know anything about Yatesville? I was told that you could catch 5 - 10 pound channel cats up there all night long if you don't mind the work. Said it didn't have any big flatheads in it but was loaded with channels and "blues". I believe it's only been there for 17 years, completed in 1991. Anybody have any experience on it?
  2. katfish ken

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    The wife of A friend of mine told me he caught a cooler full there 2 week ends ago. :wink: She didn't know where he put in at or any details.:sad2: BUT knowing him and his fishing habits ya best take chicken livers and bluegills.:wink::smile2: don't know of any body catching flatheads though

  3. EKYHunter

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    Prestonsburg, Kentucky
    Havent fished there in awhile but plan on it soon. There are soon many different places to fish and hopefully not as many weeds as dewey. I know that it is a good place to fish for other kinds of fish . It has to be a good place for catfish , heard some good storys . Alot of people go on rt. 32 (not sure the rt. #) the first turn off to yatesvile to catfish. Hopes this helps.