Yaks is FUN!

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    I have fished from a Canoe for years and just bought a pair of 9' sit on top Kayaks this year. They are a BLAST. I have not tryed standing up in one to fish but I bet I could if I was carful. They are very stable and and only weight 38 lbs. The first time I was on the water in one the wind was blowing about 20-30 mph. I headed down wind and thought I was going to have a heck of a time getting back. As it turned out a yak handles MUCH better in the wind than a canoe and I had no problems heading back. I came back across the middle of the small lake I was on bucking waves and taking spray over the bow. I never even came close to tipping it. It was a blast.
    A canoe can be pretty stable too. Makes a big differance if the person in the boat with you is experienced. My older brother and I spent enough time in one to be a pretty good team and we never turned one over. I once landed a 40 lb Flathead in swift water out of a canoe with him handling the boat. Might not have been the brightest thing to do but we got-er-done.
    Anyway with a little experience you can do some pretty amazing things in a small boat. Cheap fun, Don't need gas and good exercise.
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    In 1965 the BoyScouts and Camp Jayhawk put a lifetime canoe ban on me.

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    I'm sure they are a blast Alan "IF" you anit 6'1 275lbs and clumsy like me.

    I got into a canoe once in our pond made it about 10' off the bank and rolled right out of that sucker.That was it for me.

    I was turning around to see where the motor was at when I rolled it!
    Just kidding!:smile2: