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Yadkin River?

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Anybody ever fish the Yadkin River? I live in Salisbury and fish High Rock and Tuckertown a lot. I've only banke fished on the river and cought a buncha white bass and some somall channels. However I've seen boats come in w/ monster cats. Anybody else have any luck?
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I bankfish the Yadkin River too, but further downriver from you, in Yadkin County. I have seen and heard of some large ones that were taken out of the river as well. Unfortunately, I'm wasn't the one landing them. Our best catches this summer were around 6 pounds - channels. We did fairly well once the hot weather broke, but then the bite dropped off sharply when the river became visibly lower from the dry weather. Very few bites after the drop except the one night last week that we had a small rain storm; I went out to a local feeder creek to the Yadkin and caught a few eater size.

We have had most luck with garlic liver, cut bait, and worms. Very little to no luck with bacon, commercial dough/blood baits, or hot dog/canned meat-type baits. We have not tried any sort of chumming, although my father claims soured cracked corn does very well in the Yadkin, and some of the ones we kept had corn in their bellies.

My grandfather used to be a commercial fisherman on the river in the East Bend area. He always claimed that fresher bait actually worked better than soured and rotten baits on the river cats, and we did seem to have better luck on the river itself this summer with baits with little or no rotten smell to them.

We went at least twice a week most weeks during the summer. Not once did I see another fisherman on the Yadkin in my area. No one putting in at the public ramps or anyone boating past the private spot I also fish. Maybe they were all at a secret honey hole or something, but very low traffic at my spots.
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Apparently, this method is also effective on the Yadkin. It looks not so much like grabblin' as grabbin', and I have no intention of trying it. Looks like they found a fun fishin' hole though.

Yadkin River at East Bend

There is a short commercial before the video loads.
I've always wanted to try fishin like that. I've always heard it called Noodling. I guess I'll have to try my luck next weekens since the weathers cooler. I also hardly ever see many folks on the river. This time a year theres a good many hunters traveling by boat. The York Hill landing and Hanah Ferry landings usually have some bank fishermen. What town is East Bend close to?
Tarpon said:
What town is East Bend close to?
It is about 15 minutes drive east of Elkin.
I have a cousin that lives in Elkin. They have asked me several times to come up for some smallmouth bass fishing but I haven't made it up there yet. Are there any good cattin around that area?
RiverratSC said:
I have a cousin that lives in Elkin. They have asked me several times to come up for some smallmouth bass fishing but I haven't made it up there yet. Are there any good cattin around that area?
The locals used to do quite a bit of bankfishing above and below the riffles near the 21 bridge in Elkin. Near there, where the Big Elkin Creek runs into the river is supposed to be a particularly good spot. The banks have gotten overgrown with kudzu, and I don't know if the landowners still let people in or not. However, if you could find an access point further up you might could boat down. It might require some portaging though - lots of shallow spots around Elkin. The Yadkin River Trail folks canoe in that area, and you can order a map from them. Since your friends are local they might know a landowner who can give you an easier way in.

I believe there are parts of the old V-shaped Native American fish traps still in that part of the river as well. I ran across Douglas Right's account of his voyage down the Yadkin a while back on the Internet, and it is amazing how little things have changed. He described meeting fishermen who had filled half a bushel of fish with a seine net between Ronda and Elkin, as well as the rock fish traps - in 1928.

A Voyage Down the Yadkin - see "Lone Fishermen" section.
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Great Article. Man, I always wonder what it would be like to go fishing back then. I know some of the spots he mentioned and they are still unchanged. Except for the flooding of High Rock Lake LOL.
Yeah, pretty neat to think that on one of those days, he might very well have passed by my grandfather as a young man fishing the Yadkin. People around here still try the same techniques in the same holes.
Hey Riverrat, I got a buddy that goes to Limestone College in Gaffney. All the students there swear there's huge catfish in that pond thats beside the school. I think they call it the Quarry. Ever done any fishin there.
Never fished it because its off-limits. Yes its a quarry, they mined it back in the 40's and 50's. Its well over 300 feet deep and the water is very cold so I doubt the cats do to very well in there. There is a small pond beside the new sports complex they are building beside the college and its over 110 feet deep from what the newspaper reported several years back. They do allow them to walk around it but fishing isn't allowed. Years ago part of the parking lot caved into the lake. Oh a few people have drown in there over the years none in the last few years thankfully.

I have a nephew that goes to Limestone.
Hay Tarpon
Put in at York landing yesterday for a couple hours . Picked up a 5 channel & missed a couple. Barely found a place to park for all the duck hunters . Probally try again Friday.
Thanks for the info Mycat. The York landing is only 5 min from my house but I've never put a boat in there. I dont get to fish as much as I used to because im in college now, but i try to fish everyday im at home. I'll try out that section of river next time I'm home.
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