Yadkin River Steam Plant

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    Hello All

    I am thinking of doing some fishing at this yadkin river access can you please tell me some good places to go here water conditions and bait types going to visit some family and may try this saturday any information or better places ti fish around would be great please help want some flatheads :wink:
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    :0a25:Welcome to the BOC Johny . I'm not from the area , but theres a few people on here that are . So I'll leave the ???'s to them , Good luck ...:big_smile:
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    some good places are under 85 bridge, if you go past the steam plant there is a a cliff on the right side going down it is where the power lines cross that is a good spot as well if you go past that there is like a island a few hundred yards long go to the far end of that island and go in behind it there is a 25 ft hole there as for bait i would catch shad at steam plant or catch some bream
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    If you put in at York Hill access go up river and find the old bridge columns. It is deep around the one on the left side of the island. Up river a little farther is the old pump station for the finishing company there is a decent hole on down river side. Catch your bait around the wall at the Buck Steam Plant station. They havent been running it lately but you can still get some bait there most of the time in the mornings.
    Good luck !