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    It's not often that I say that on this forum,in fact I don't ever remember using those words but I'm gonna tell ya why.I love my husband very much,was with him as he went through all the pain and suffering of his spinal injuries ect ect.The other day a lady come to our abode.We have Social Workers come due to his disability,well we were checking on different services that were available.One of them being cleaning the house,mainly because of my knee's and hip dysplasia.Well...............turns out that now that Steve is officially disabled the government is now coming in and slashing his meager income by $400.00 to pay for Missouri Medicaid.If anyone out there knows of a better insurance plan then were all ears. This leaves $1000.00 for 4 people a month.Yes,we have lived on a whole lot less,but it just made me so:angry::angry::angry:Now if he doesn't pay this $400.00/month he loses all his meds.I told this lady point blank,well our lovely Government they just love to screw ya,plus they will if anyway possible.She said "Mam I'm just doing my job,please write your congressman,if you don't approve of this." News Flash were not writing,we're calling when his office opens. This congressman has a home just north of me.His wife is a fulltime school teacher I believe last I heard Kindergarden.He's originally a farmer himself. Just wanted to vent guys. Needed to vent,and they say to write your feelings out instead of bottling everything up inside.So I'm typing instead of writing.I mean come on................I have teenagers still. Apparently my husband needs to be in a wheelchair and Blind before he gets any in home services.I walk with a 79y/o lady and I was telling her and she said to me "Pat,they don't do that stuff in Iowa". I told Steve,and he told me Pat, I worked too hard to get where I am.Spinal Injuries??? Steel plates in the neck???Now if I do get any settlement,I'll leave the state before they touch it. I had an Aunt who passed away this past Febuary.She owned 3 farms.While she had her mind she always said I will never go on Medicaid we always asked why,she said"Because they'll steal me blind". She died with those farms still in her name,much to the Nursing Home's displeasure.She was stubborn as a bull.She never wanted to be in one in the first place but her doctor insisted because she was falling alot.Now this scares me because, I am wondering, Will they go afer his lawsuit money should he get any? If so that just isn't right!!:angry:I apologize for this post, I just needed to spill my guts.It's been very hard these past few years on us as a family.Just needed to spill it,hope ya all don't mind!!~~~~~~~~SisterPat. P.S. I will say we have a brother on here who has been super nice to me. We e-mail back and forth,and he calls me occassionally. When he found this out,he was so furious he called absolutley insisting I call the congressman. So as said previously in this post,that's what were doin first thing!!!
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    Pat is Steve a veteran? If he is, he is eligible for assistance through the veterans administration. He doesnt have to have a service connected disability to meet the eligibility requirements. I have a VA doctor that i see regularly and i don't have to pay for Doctor visits. The only thing i pay out of pocket are the co-pays for my meds, which are only eight dollars per prescription. If you need any more info pm me a let me know.