Xinu's Doughbait Recipe

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    Original post made by Joshua Thomason(Xinu) on July 6, 2005

    This recipe can be used in any size but im going to give you the ingrediants to make it.
    you can do all diffrent ammount to change the dough around
    1 egg
    fresh blood
    flour or oatmeal
    small pinch of salt
    when usen the the flour or oatmeal to make the dough the blood is used as a subsitute for the water (DO NOT USE WATER) the egg helps with texture of the dough blood gives it the smell and is sticky honey is another helper to make it stick and add's a sweetness witch catfish like and witch i use in most of my dough recipe's..the salt is a harder thing to explain but catfish like alittle bit of it just don't add to much i'de say for a 3-4 pound mix you should add one spoon full most of the time i use oatmeal because if properly made it won't come of most of the time when i get a fish anyway this is it experiment with these ingrediants usen diffrent ammounts.
    A.K.A Joshua Thomason