WylieCat is in distress !

Discussion in 'ALL OTHER FISH' started by Mac-b, Dec 18, 2007.

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    On Lake Norman, right now (8 AM) , the temp. is 21 degrees and WylieCat and a buddy drove one hour to fish for some stipers on LKN. He just called me and asked me why I did not tell him not to do it! Well, he did not ask me!

    He informed me that his trolling motor was frozen onto the holding bracket and thus they could not troll. Also, his landing net is froze to the boat. If that isn't enough, the lid to his bait tank is frozen in place. I said " man just get your bucket and pour some water on these items and they will thaw" and he informed me that he did not have a bucket. So, I told him to use what mother nature had given them and he said no way in this cold!

    Don't you just enjoy it when everything goes just right?:smile2: I bet he will remember this trip for a long time.
  2. Dreadnaught

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    I thought I was the only one that did silly things like that, LOL!!!

    You have definately brightened my day!!!!!

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    That's just too funny. I can think of a few times I've used my coffee cup to pour water over the eyes of my poles to unfreeze them for a few minutes.

    It will heat up a bit later in the morning if he can stick it out long enough. The wind has been killer the last few days.
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    No bucket in the boat? How about cupping his hands together and splashing water over everything? That would feel could at 21 degrees. It should heat up some today but that sounds like a pretty crappy morning.
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    Wyilecat, I was out this morning and didn;t have hardly any problems. Your just not used to fishing in that cold of weather. There were afew fish bitting this morning, if you knew where to look. The colder the better. I like going out in that weather, as long as thier no wind blowing. MAkes for real nice mornings. And thiers hardly anyone else on the water.
  6. WylieCat

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    Forecast called for 25. It was 20 when we hit the water.

    I stopped and bought bait, and the latch to the baitwell was frozen shut.

    It took ten minutes of the motor running running before water started flowing through the cooling system and out of the motor.

    Once I got to "the hole", the trolling motor was frozen in place.

    Hmmmm...what else?

    I think I have mentally blocked a lot of it out. :crazy:

    Oh, NEVER, and I mean NEVER grab a metal net handle when your hands are wet from handling bait!! You have to stick the whole net in the lake to free your hand!!!!!

    LakeNormanBlues calls me around 8:00am or so to say that he is heading out....once it is above freezing!! :smile2:

    The whole time I was telling my fishing buddy that LakeNormanBlues is sitting at home, sipping hot tea, surfing the internet, eating his oatmeal, and calling everyone to get fishing reports!! :smile2:

    In all seriousness, we had a good time. An awesome day on the water. The frigid conditions were tolerable since there was no wind. In the end we actually caught some fish. Not bad for some novice fishermen who have never striper fished Norman outside of the tutelage of LakeNormanBlues!!
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    You should of got a picture of that baitnet stuck to your hand. That would of been harlious. The only problem with those real cold mornings is the ice in the bottom of the boat. This morning I had a sheet of ice froze over the top of my boots. Look like they were ice cubes.
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    Cold is when your steering cable freezes up on your big motor...
    Cold is when you put your boat on the trailer and you can't get back in it to stow your gear because the water has frooze to the side of your boat and you can't get in it...
    Cold is when you back your boat into the lake, pull it out to unhook the straps you forgot to take off and put back into the lake and the boat is froze to the trailer...
    Cold is when not only the eyes on your rods freeze but also the line on your reels and then the reels themselves...
    Cold is when you have to break the ice in your bait tank to get to the bait...
    Cold is Lake Badin, 2:00 AM, 18 degrees, 30 MPH winds and the heater quits...
    And the winner is:
    Cold is when your relieve yourself off the side of the boat and freezes mid-air...
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    This might be a little off topic but... Quite a while back my preacher told about this couple who had never met before but had been set up by friends. They decided to go skiing on their first date. Everything went pretty well with the skiing but not on the ride back. When they were still on this mountain road way out in the middle of nowhere she suddenly has to go. She holds it & holds for as long as she can but finally she just can't hold it any longer & asks her date to pull off the side of the road so that she can answer the call of nature. Now this young lady ain't the woodsy type & isn't used to squatting outside so she kind of sits on the edge of his metal bumper. After a little while she finishes and she goes to get up & her backside is frozen to his bumper. She is really embarassed & tries to get up but she just can't!! She is stuck but good. With no other option available she calls to her date who is sitting in the car & tells him she needs help. While doing his best not to look he gets out of the car & kind of sizes up the situation. They are both mortified with embarassment and he is totally stumped about how to get her unstuck...until he remembers how his mom got his tongue unstuck from the flagpole when he a little boy.

    The couple rode back in absolute silence and never saw each other again.

    SUNDROP New Member

    I came in from deer hunting once and the locks had froen up on my truck. I beat and beat and jammed the keys in and still wouldnt turn. I finally "releived myself" on the lock and got it working!!!
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    thats pretty cold when you got to piss on the locks to get back in the truck
  12. catfishcrazy256

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    sounds like all kinds of problems !!! :smile2: