wylie white perch

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  1. cliff n york

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    south carolina
    how do you catch white perch on lake wylie ? thanks cliff
  2. billfish76

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    Rock Hill, SC
    Some people are catching them with minnows at night fishing for crappie. I catch them while Im drifting for cats. I drag a 2 or 3 hook rig with small hooks and redworms. Once you find them I keep circling the area and if you can get them in a feeding frenzy you can use a SABIKI rig and catch 6 at a time.

    PM Wyliecat he seems to slay them.

  3. WylieCat

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    Slow trolling with Sabiki rigs of 2-3 multi-hook rigs withing one foot of the bottom. They really like minnows, but will hit worms, small pieces of cut bait, and even bare gold hooks when schooled up and spawning.

    Like LakeNormanBlues has said before, "they are easy to catch and hard to find."

    Try points and humps and anywhere there is some structure change underwater. As these water temps warm you will find them closer and closer to shore in spawn mode. Once you find them throw out a marker buoy and work that area. They will look like spaghetti on the sonar. It can take some time to find schools, but once you do mark the area becasue they seem to frequent the same areas over and over.