Wylie Help?

Discussion in 'NORTH CAROLINA LAKES / RESERVOIRS' started by youngcatfisherman55, Jul 6, 2006.

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    South Carolina
    I went fishing on Wylie the past 2 nights and havent even got a bite. The first night we fished on the boat dock and last night we fished on Copperhead island (sometin like that). I was just wondering if anyone knew if the cats are still spawning and some tips on where to catch 'um? I posted this in the SC board also. Thanks.
  2. Dragger

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    Matthew, I've fished wylie all my life, if you are bank fishing,rocky shore lines are your best bet at nite and day with fresh shad or small bream cut-bait, fish the shad whole. mussles gets quick bites,but most times the fish are small. if you fish at nite ,put a few lines out in front,and put a line out on the right and left shore line about 4 or 5 feet off the bank, and be very quite. big fish follow the banks at nite when feeding........hope this helps........steve