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    I've never fished for walleye, but would like to give it a try. I've caught a couple while fishing for other species, but have never targeted them. When is the best time of year to fish for them in WV? Where is a good place to go in or near Marion County? I heard near the damn in Grafton is good, is this true? What is the best bait? I hear minnows work great. Do you fish with them using a bobber and if so, do you keep it a long ways from the hook, like I do when fishing for crappie or what? Appreciate any info.
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    Philadelphia, P
    Now's good time to target walleyes. Fish in slower pools below the dam. Walleyes are the first river fish to spawn. Here in Philly, they spawn around March. Soon it would be thier "pre-spawn" where they feed in preparation for the spawn.

    My bait of choice is plastics like 3 or 4 inch white twister tails or sassy shads. I also love using plugs lie Rapala X-raps and Taildancers.

    Give it a shot and tell me how you do.

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    i caught a walleye once crappie fishing, i would reel one in again i suppose