WTB: small hp outboards

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  1. kyledbarnes

    kyledbarnes New Member

    south carolina
    between 25hp and 50 for a riveted aluminum v-hull boat i have, 'bout 14 1/2'
  2. Poppa

    Poppa New Member

    Pinson, Al
    Not knowing the width or weight of your boat, All I can say is you need to
    stay as close to the max. hp rating as possible. Having a small boat over-
    powered is as dangerous as a cocked cannon. If your boat doesn't have
    a max. hp and weight plate on the inside of the transom check with the
    manufactuor. I have a 16' Lowe Big John and its rated for 35 hp. On a 14
    and 1/2' vee bottom I think a 50 or any thing close would be very unwise.
    As far as make or brand of outboard I think its a matter of personal preferance
    they are all good and they all give problems from time to time. Good Luck
    with your boat and be safe.

  3. shoot2thrill25

    shoot2thrill25 New Member

    TH, Indiana
    Just a tid bit for ya, I have a 14ft v-hull also with a 15 HP motor on it. and it can really move. i think that v-hulls cut the water a lot better which is why its so quick, so unless your in a super super hurry, you really don't need more than 15...jmo
  4. FW5517

    FW5517 New Member

    Add my 2 cents...I am running a 9.5 on mine and the gas usage is great and it is more then enough power - not super fast -- but has enough guts to handle wakes from larger faster boats...
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