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    A wrestler on the team I coach was informed of the passing of his dad by his mom before he was supposed to wrestle. His mom and dad were divorced and they were just starting to patch up the father son relationship. He was very shaken up, as was his mom and they had to leave. I called and checked on both of them tonight and he said he was fine, but it is not like a 8th grade boy just spills his feelings. Another factor is the history of his brothers. One robbed a bank, but has now turned his life around, and one robbed a drug dealer. I am concerned that a factor such as this may push him down the wrong path. He needs all the help he can get to avoid drugs and alcohol and any other thing that may tempt him. I just don't know what to say. I just gave his mom and him a hug and told them to call me if they need anything and that I would call them later. What do you say to a kid that has lost his father? I don't know.

    One bright side to the story is the attitude of one of his opponents. He had beat him before and in all probability it would go the same way. He is a great wrestler but I found out he is an even better person and mature way beyond his age. He is in 7th grade but first he told out guy he would pray for him, and I believe he said he will give our guy the gold medal he won next time he sees him. I went out of my way to tell him and his father how much that ment to me and him.
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    Our thoughts and prayers go out to you, your team, and the boy's family who lost a father and former husband. I can tell by your writing that you are a great role model for this young man. Don't underestimate your influence on him. I have two sons who wrestled and their coach was a big influence on them during their middle school and high school years.

    Okie gal

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    Will keep the young man in our Prayers. Hopefully he will see everything he has going for him and keep on doing the right thing. Only time will tell but if he can see what his brothers have done and keep that in mind hopefully he won't follow that path. Keep in touch with him and help him out if he asks for help.Thats about all you can do ,be there for him.
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    Will keep this boy and his family in prayers. He's blessed to have you as his coach and I'm sure you'll have the wisdom to support him and the rest of your team as needed.
    Oh, and God bless that wonderful kid who spoke up and offered to pray for him there at the match. That is just awesome.
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    Our prayers go out to the boy and his family.
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    Prayers from the Panhandle of Florida.
    It is good that you have such an interest in the youth of today and as someone said you are a roll model and that in it self speaks highly of you.
    Now is the time for what I call the "Umbrella Effect" that needs to come into play.
    It is the most ultimate protection plan at this point.
    This young man is going to need you and everyone around him to come to his aid in this sad time of his life not just for now but in the future too.
    The "Umbrella" of friends and roll models should disscuss this not just once but often so that everyone knows what they should do. Stay close to him and watch and protect him from things that might sway him away from the right path.
    With diligence and the right plan the "Umbrella Effect "will work but it wont be easy it takes a constant effort on the part of everyone.
    Hope this helps.
    Prayers work!
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    I will lift this young man up in my prayers. However after reading your post, I would say that the Almighty has already started looking out for this young man.
    It is really inspiring to read a story about a coach that is able to set aside Winning for a moment to establish that ever so important human connection in times when his athletes need him most!

    Job Well Done!
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    Thought andPrayers sent.
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    Thoughts and Prayers sent from KY! Sorry to hear of this loss.
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    Such a young age for this boy to have to deal with such a big loss. My heart and prayers go out to him.
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    Thoughts and Prayers sent from NC
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    Thoughts and Prayers from Arkansas.
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    I will be more than happy to keep this young man and his entire family in my prayers.
    Please, never forget your influence on this young man. You cared enough to let us know of this young man's loss and you cared enough to give him a call. There is no doubt in my mind that you care deeply for him and all them members of the team, as well as others. If you hadn't of cared, you wouldn't of gone to the trouble of letting us know of this young man's loss. Doesn't it do your heart good to know that other young people care as well?
    Thank you for letting us know and THANK YOU for being who you are.
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    Prayers from Iowa .
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    Prayers to the family from here. May God console them as only He can during this time.
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    Condolences and prayers from illinois. As a former wrestler, my ncoach was a hero as well as a friend. Just keep an ever-open heart and trust in the boys poise as a young adult. Your influence and support goes alot deeper than you think. Guys are never good at sharing their feelings. Try not to let him bottle it up too long though, as it has a tendancy to consume a person if they dont/cant let it go..

    best of wishes, Dru
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    Prayers sent, for you and the boy.

    That boy is gonna need a good male role model in his life. I don't say that in passing, or just as a thought either.... I'm dead serious. A good positive, strong male figure in his life is gonna be the ONLY thing that keeps him out of trouble. He's at the wrong age to be left without a "dad" of some sort to steer him clear of trouble. I don't think you want his 2 winner brothers helping him out in this regard.

    If I were you, I'd do some serious soul-searching about what more you could do for this young man. It could be that the Lord is calling you to have a much larger influence in this boy's life than you were first prepared for. Somebody is gonna have to step up and help this kid out.

    Believe me, his isn't gonna be able to make the big decisions that will turn him into a man without seeing somebody model them right before his eyes. Been there, done that. Thank God I had an uncle come along for me when I was 13 or I may have had a VERY difficult time. My folks divorced when I was in the 8th grade, and my dad moved to Ct and I moved to Tx with my mom. I had no "dad" in my life for a few years, until my uncle stepped up to help be that father figure in my life. A boy just does not get that from his mom. Nothing against mothers, because mine was a goodun, but she wasn't a Dad. There's an enormous difference.

    I hate to put you on the spot, but that boy's gonna need some serious guidance. You might wanna start praying about it.
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    Prayers from Nebraska.

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    Prayers sent from Arkansas!