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    I camped at my nephews spot this weekend on the Mississippi just North of Hannibal, so I'd contacted HAnnibal Mike to join us. I figured he & my nephew might want to fish together sometimes, since they're both in the same area.
    Mike invited us to join him on Sunday to fish the dam just South of Hannibal.
    My nephew & I didn't do much Saturday, tho he caught 2 nice eatin-size channels behind one of the islands. We visited several good looking spots, including a feeder river (North river) but not much action. Got showered on lightly a few times. He said he & a neighbor had caught a 38 lb, 24 pouind, 17 pound & several 7-9 pound flad heads on bank poles the previous 3 weeks, but rod fishing had been pretty slow.

    It was raining cats & dogs Sunday when we met Mike, so we had breakfast, then went to the dam where we met JRR from the board, & got wet to the knees casting for white bass in the rain. Off for more coffee & dognuts. The rain finally quit & I asked Mike about trying for one of those big Asian Carp he'd mentioned. Mike was Gungho for taking us even tho the weather was pretty threatening, so off we went, back to the dam. We crossed the Mississippi, stopping on the dam up close to the water outflow. I had a heavy new rod i'd bought for Paddlefish & hadn't used yet. Mike says "let me see how that casts". He cast once, slammed the rod in my stomach & said HERE! I said what? & about that time the fish bout pulled the rod from my hands. Well there we were, with him taking 10' of line & me reeling back 6'.
    He finally had me spooled, but couldn't break the 80lb line, So there we were, with me leaning back, rod bent, arms aching & wondering how bad i wanted to keep that rod! He finally tired & I was able to get him back to the boat where he was gaffed & brought in. We collectively guessed about 30 pounds of pissed off carp. Later on JRR fought & brought in a big striper. Mike took pictures of both, so maybe he'll post them.

    All in all it was a great day & a very memorable trip. Thanks, Mike!
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    Bill, that sounds like a great day with a lot of fun catching that big carp. Thanks for telling your story.:smile2:

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    Hannibal MO
    I wish you all would have come got me I live off route T in Hannibal.I went sunday also but I tryed under the bridge first time I ever fished there.I caught a couple small ones and got a few snag's and pooped on by a pigoen.So it wasn't as good a day as you had.A guy that I work with said he caught a 30# flathead below the dam sunday bank fishing on the IL side.
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    hey Crawdad Don't Want To Up Set You But Thats Mrr Not Jrr. Not Trying To Be Cute Just Never Heard Of A Jrr On Here. Believe It Or Not You Almost Got My Initials Right. Yes It Was A Lot Of Was Interesting Watching You Bring That Big Brute Turned Out Real Nice. Well Have To Do That Again Sometime.that Was The Biggest Striper I Had Ever Caught. Hope The Pic Come Out Ok.
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    Hannibal, MO
    I really like catching fish, but this site offers more than just great fishing tips. Meeting and fishing with a lot of these people is great. Crawdad, his nephew, and MRR are really enjoyable people. Even though conditions were tough, they made it fun. Hope that they can get back on a nice day. If you are just a reader of this site, try to meet some of the guys. Coonx, Spoonfish, and so many others have expertise plus they are fun!!!!!!!!! Hannibal Mike (Hope I can learn how to post pics from my dig cam)