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WOW Reached 1400

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Wow its Feb. 20 ,08 and I have reached 1400 post Master Padalin I really enjoy the BOC it s a great site and keeps me from going crazy in this cold weather !
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Way to go C.C.!! Keep e'm coming!:smile2:
Congrats,Pat. Keep em rollin.
hey Pat. I just hit my 900 mark. Congrats on your new rank too. better keep posting i am sneaking up on you.
Congrats Pat, keep the post coming!
Congrats on 1400 posts Pat!:big_smile:
Hey Joey Im paddlin as fast as i can LOL :0a20: Thanx everyone ! :roll_eyes:
Pat congrats on reaching 1400. Keep the post coming and I will read them. Sure is a nice way to spend the winter.
I'll be up there with you pretty soon. Congrats. :cool2:
Congrats on your new rank, Pat...:cool2:
congrats pat ,its nice to have a hang out in the winter time ......and have place that make everyone in other states seem as close as your back yard :big_smile:
Good job Pat, keep on postin. rspd507
1 - 15 of 15 Posts
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