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    North Caro
    Would you consider selecting a High Intensity contributor as a fishing partner.

    Personally, I would have to think about that a long time due to the problems that could arise from fishing with one of those folks (this is bad, grouping them together with the word folks). Before you could even get on the water, I'm sure you would have to have a lengthly discussion about where the boat came from (N.S.E. or W), then whether or not the boat company ever received any funding from the Gov., had one of their people in management been charged for donating too much money to a political party. Did they have a proper mix of all races, were any of the parts on the boat from Mexico or some other place outside the USA and so on. I'm pretty sure this process would take weeks or not months. Same goes for the boat trailer, sonar, GPS, life jackets, bow and stern lights, etc.

    Finally, we arrive at the boat dock. Now what, we most likely will have to have a discussion about Mercury in the water and food chain. Who's fault is it and if I have informed the proper officials about it and if not, why not. Was the lake built with gov. money and if so, who was the President at the time it was funded and so on.

    We (my HI partner and myself) leave the dock and arrive at our fishing hole and then the fun begins. First we have to have a long conversation about where the gear (rods, reels, line, hook, dip net, landing net, etc), was made and all the other question similar to those about the boat. Time passes and now we are ready to bait up and get to some fishing. Bull, here we go again, where did the bait come from, what do you know about thier operations, do they hire minorities and do they conform to OSHA, etc. If you used a gill net or other type of devices to catch the bait did it conform to all reg's. More time passes and we are ready now, hopefully, to bait up and fish. When I get out a live bait and get ready to put a hook in it, the sh_t hits the fan. Don't you know that the bait can feel pain from that hook in its mouth/tail or if I cut it up for cut bait, HI says. Nope, I say, and he says, can you prove that? Nope I say again, that is what I have always been told. HI says, that is what is wrong with your group (whatever group that is), you believe everything they tell you.

    We finally get our baits in the water and guess what, the sun is setting and it is time to go home!

    PS, now the final blow is a PM or open post asking me why I did not use spell check or something about my sentence structure or grammar.
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    Thats the way I feel at times,Mac . Good post ,Funny :smile2::smile2:

  3. neocats

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    Seems like a never-ending drama.
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    It's just an outlet. I "contribute" to HI frequently. It's mostly entertainment for me when not much else is going on. I think that it doesn't accurately depict one's personality being able to publically view his/her political opinions. I'm not a dramatic person in reality. Not a "flaming" liberal...nor a tree hugger lol, but that conclusion could be drawn from some of my posts.

    That said, if I went fishing with you, conversations might include water condition, fish activity, bait choice, and strategy. Might talk about family, previous fishing experiences, life experiences, or whatever else. Personally, politics and religion are two things that I don't normally discuss unless someone else brings it up...then I have no problem giving my opinion.

    Yeah, HI is full of drama, but just imagine the junk that the main board would be full of if it were not for that area. I think it helps make the overall experience more enjoyable keeping that stuff there, and not in GC.

    You don't have to take me fishing though. I understand.:wink:
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    LOL, Mac, I never thought of that but you got a funny one. :smile2:

    All jokes aside, I've met in person one the most liberal in HI at the 2006 Gathering and he really seem like a fine outstanding young man. :big_smile:
  6. Netmanjack

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    I think it's better to have a partner from HI than to have one that is High! lol
    I fish with possibly one of the most notorious members of that area, yet nothing is ever discussed but fishing and related subjects. They must have an internal shut off button some where. lol :smile2::smile2::smile2:
  7. baitchunker

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    well mac,
    ya got me. i would definitely criticize your every move. most especially if you were catching more fish than me. i have even been known to accidentally distract you so that you miss a bite. lol. then again if i were catching more fish than you, i would prolly tell ya that its because of whatever political party i am supporting being intellectually dominant over whatever political party you subscribe to. unlike matt, i am a "flaming liberal". you can tell by the live crawfish in my avatar that is about to meet his death in a big pot of boiling water.
    we would have to take my boat, because it is completely "green" (not environmentally friendly-just painted green) and allthough i have been told that the motor was made over seas i dont believe it. (yamaha). the bait, well i was thinking all natural organicly grown garlic cloves with a touch of copenhagen. that way we dont have to hurt anything living. and instead of catching fish with rod and reel, i would prefer we just temporarily shock them with an old crank style telephone. that way we can just take pictures and let them regain conciencness. of course the one issue would be the ice chest. ya see, i only drink non-alcohalic imported beer. anything else and i would go ballistic. associating you with evil ppl like the news stations. i would have to bring a laptop so as to back up everything that i "teach" you about your backwards fishing techniques with undoubtedly true internet facts. spell check? well maybe from some members of hi but not me. im in the south ya know? we dont exactly speak or write in "proper spanish" which is our new official language.

    the most important thing to remember about fishing with me is that i MUST catch more fish and bigger fish than you. reguardless the cost.

    on second thought... i might let ya reel one in for me when my arms get tired. jk.

    great post bro. good laugh.

    BIG GEORGE New Member

    If it got to out of hand the conversation would quickly turn to, "Why didn't you wear your life jacket" LOL! Good post! THANX!
  9. Kat-tamer

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    Personally, I have disagreed with something from EVERY person in HI. Especially Matt!:wink:

    But I would proudly fish with any one of them. But probably not all of them at the same time.:eek:oooh: That would be too much for anybody.

    Most of the people in there argue but are very willing to help each other out if needed. We have asked advice from several that we argue politics with and they have answered honestly.

    I like to go in there and see who is poking at who today, but the politics and election arguments are gettin tiring. Once in a while there is something worth arguing about!:smile2:

    We have fun there so you guys don't have to listen to us so often!:big_smile: