Would this catfish rig work?

Discussion in 'All Catfishing' started by Spencer_Blanton, May 1, 2006.

  1. Spencer_Blanton

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    Franklin, Ohio
    The spot I am working on is an elevated isle in the middle of swift current. It's a bit tricky to get there, but I'm convinced it will produce. I've tried it already this year. I lost 6 rigs out of 7. The area is swept of sand so the rocks are heavy on the bottom. I considered how to get the bait exactly where I wanted it and not loose the rig.

    The rig I considered is basically a big float (balloon) and a big weight. I figure a sparkplug or two should get me near 4oz or so. I will not need to cast this rig. I can merely drop it into the current and walk it into the slack water's tail. I have been unable to clearly gather the depth I need, but I fugure I can adjust it until the weight is just off bottom.

    With the tight line between the float and weight cause a problem for the bite? How long should the extension to the hook be? I was considering 6" shorter than the extension to the weight.

    Your thoughts? Is there something simplier I should try first?

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  2. JMarrs328

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    Sure, I think that's a good idea for the area that you're fishing.:big_smile:

  3. treddinwater

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    Sounds like an intriguing idea, give it a try and let us know how you do.
  4. IL Hunter

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    I don't see why it wouldn't work. The whole balloon thing seems like a bit more than I'd like to deal with, but let me know how it goes.
  5. delawareriver

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    it might be hard to use unless you get the exact depth of water for your rig. another thing the ballon will most likely be pushed down river draging your weight. the easiest rig i kno is take a 3 way swivel with a heavy main line connected to the 3 way swivel then a touch lighter line to the hook, and and even lighter line to the weight. that way if you weight gets caught and you need to brake it off you will only lose your weight, if your hook gets caught that line should brake since theres no pressure on the weight line and the main line is stronger. all you ever have to do is replace one part of the rig and if u make your own weights like spark plugs or got a lead mold its not to bad even if you lose 10 or 15 hooks.

    ive always heard if you dont get stuck your arnt fishing in the right place.
  6. shortbus

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    Do you need the float (balloon) to get the bait to the spot, like to far to cast? It would help some to know if your using live or cutbait. If live bait then I would just rig up carolina style. I loose tackle everytime I fish and expect it, if I don't break off atleast two lines then I move,lol. If your using cutbait for channels then heres what I do. Tie a 7/0 circle hook on your main line. Then tie about 24" of 8lb test to the hook eye. At the end of the 8lb mono tie on a bank sinker. From the end of the line going to your rod it looks like,,, bank sinker,8lb mono,7/0 circle hook,mainline. I tightline with this using good rodholders. It's the onlyway I know how to get bait off the bottom in slack water and still keep it stationary. The 8lb mono breaks and you loose your sinker. If you use sparkplugs for weight then yeah thats free.
  7. Hookman

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    that rig is what is used to catch sharks in salt water. they do look a lot alike LOL,....hookman....
  8. playinghooky

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    it looks like something i would try i have used it for sharks when i lived in tampa bay area
  9. TDawgNOk

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    instead of the balloon, try checking out the Kat Bobber from Maine Wolf Products. The link is on the right, in the sponsors section!