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    I was talking to my neighbor this evening about starting a garden. He has a low spot in his yard that usually has some standing water, especially after all the rain we've had lately. He mentioned utilizing the water source (2 sump pumps drain into this area) by planting a garden there. I suggested a raised bed garden, since he cannot till the mud and the plants should not be immersed in water. This area receives a lot of sun and I am thinking that water-loving veggies should do well there. Any ideas? Suggestions?
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    My one field has water standing in it,, I always plant it after it drys up,,, this year it's looking like the first of June,,, lol

    It has to be dry enough to work the soil and have it crumbly not clumpy,,, clumps don't break up well.

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    A raised bed will hide the standing water. I doubt that it will have a great effect on the vegetables though since sump pumps only come on with the rain and if it rained that much the garden wouldn't need any more water. I suggest that you plant rice! lol :smile2: