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    Have gotten time to go fishing lately. I have a small river 10 minutes from my home. I am able to park close the bank, so can get my gear organized easily. Have managed to catch channels of 8lb, two 6's, a five and two 3's. I'm not a meat hunter and because I carry a 50 gallon barrel of water on my truck I have been taking them home alive and putting them in a 3/4 acre pond that I have. This pond has a large number of black bullhead that I can't control. They continually stir up the bottom and I can have a hard time keeping the bottom sealed. I have killed it out with rotenone and bleach twice over the years to no avail. Last year I put twenty 2 lb largemouth bass in it and it has helped decrease the numbers of bullheads. I caught the cats with information I have learned off this site-especially using cut bait (bluegill and redear sunfish). The only thing I have used. My question, finally, is will running water grown cat's survive in a pond's still water? Haven't seen them go tit's up yet , but I have several large snapping turtles in there and they could be cleaning them up if they are dead. They should, if they survive help with killing the bullhead. Thanks.
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    It has been our experience that transplanted channels do real well in small farm ponds.

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    They will do well in the pond. To cure your bull-head problem catch a couple of flatheads and transplant them if they make it they will take care of the bull heads guarnteed:crazy:
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    John, several years ago I helped my father law use rotenone in his ponds, it killed a lot of bream and mud cats. Afterwards he purchased young channel catfish and heavily stocked the largest pond. He fed them commercial catfish food daily in the summer time and in just a few years we were enjoying excellent fishing. The little pond produced many, many pounds of great eating fish up until my mother in law become sick and he stop feeding the fish. The pond is spring fed but usually never overflowed except from a rain. He did add a couple grass carp to keep the pond clean of vegetation. Back then the pond usually wasn't muddy unless a heavy rain.
    Now days we rent the land out and the pond stays muddy from cattle. I fished there a couple years back but didn't catch anything but some nice bream.


    Yes the channels will thrive and learn to eat fish food, it is illegal to move flatties in my state, and for good reason, i wouldnt try that u might not have any fish after a while.