Would a bowfront work for catfishing?

Discussion in 'Boat Tips' started by dmc888, Oct 25, 2005.

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    Lake in the hills, IL
    I have been doing research on boats because i plan on getting one by spring. I have decided on a used bowfront 16-18ft bayliner. Not sure what model. I want to be comfortable and catch cats too. I know its not the best choice for catfishing but i am in love with the design of the boat. I live in IL so the rod limit is 2 each person. So the most rods i would have up is 6 rods atleast 4. So atleast 4 rod holders. Do you guys think i will run into any problems with using this boat for catfishing. I want to fish the fox river and large lakes with it.
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    DMC888, we have one member that fishes tournaments from an open bow Bayliner. Nothing wrong with that, any boat can be modified for catfishing.

  3. capt.kirk

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    you are correct on fishing whatever boat you like best,i purchased a 16 ft.
    lund with a 25 hp elec start mercury motor,did not like the seats,took them
    out and installed 2 padded swivel patio chairs and had the most comfortable
    boat boat i have ever had,i have some back problems that are not improving
    with age,and like a big dummy i sold it to get something i thought would be
    better,man do i miss that boat.also might add it may sound top heavy to
    some folks but it was not, you could swivel around or lean back and hardly
    tilt the boat,i will stop talking about it,it makes me miss it more.
    KIRK :D