Worth it or not???? Hand Held GPS

Discussion in 'General Conversation' started by RiverKing, Nov 24, 2007.

  1. RiverKing

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    Anyone have or use a hand held GPS? I am trying to get some info on them..I am interested in the hand held so I can use it on the water, and on the road. Do any of them come with maps of rivers/lakes pre loaded into them or do you have to buy accesories for them..I really just want to be able to mark any good locations I find on the water, so I can go back and fish the spot again.Any help would be appreciated..The descriptions they give in the magazines and on the websites arent real good, I even called Bass Pro and they couldnt tell me anything either, I cant get a straight answer about it. But I would like to get one that at least has a map of some rivers on it.
  2. smokey

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    Hey Mark why call or email the company that make the kind your looking at. If they cant tell you. Try the next company. smokey

  3. Scott Daw

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    I have a garmin etrax. Its a very basic gps but for the type of hunting I do. I find it to be very useful. I hunt state gamelands and use it to mark points of interest and when Im gone to the races (richmond nascar race) I use it to find the bus. It doesnt display the topo maps like other units but I have printed topos so I dont need that feature. No matter what style of hunter you are, theres a gps for you.
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    I have the Etrex also, have had it for about 4 years now. I bought all the tricks an gadgets to make it work better an show waterways an such. Why, I've even used it a time or two. Perhaps, three or four. I am sure they have a great use, but I just don't find myself doing all the great things I had planned to do with it, like mark fishing holes an such. For over a year now, it's just been another expensive toy left in a box on a shelf.
  5. GARY M

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    RiverKing, Yes they have handheld units with maps. You can get them with everything on them, or add them on your self. But from my own dealing with them it just not worth the extra $90 bucks are so for the Hot Spots Maps.
    I had a Garmin that cost over $700 bucks it had everything but a kitchen sink, and it was just to much for me to learn, the more I read the book the more confused I became and I sold it.
    I've had three gps's, now I've got just a basic unit with waas, a garmin 72, no maps and that is the way I wanted it simple, but with waas.
    All I want is to mark a spot now and then, like what you was talking about. Just because a unit has maps don't mean it will have your river in detail, depth and all that.
    I would make sure whatever maps it has it will have your rivers and lakes in detail, or it's no good to you. I had the hot maps east and it still didn't have some lakes that I wanted to fish.
    I suggest you get with someone that has one and sit down and ask a lot of questions, but what ever you buy be sure it has waas, it will be more accurate.
    Good Luck.........Gary M
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    Good advice from Gary M.. I use mine on the kayak so I know how far I have traveled. Helps to keep from ending up with a too long paddle back to the launch site. Also use it to mark holes and drop offs. It also helps to find your way out of big grass flats that have all sorts of twisty channels in them.