Worms in Cats...?

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    we caught a few more channels last night and one was gut hooked bad so i kept it, well when i cleaned it this morning it had these in it.. i know these arnt the best pictures to show but i was curious about these worm looking parasites i found in this fish i cleaned, they were attached to the liver and they were just loose everywhere in the fishes guts but none in the meat, the meat looked fine, i threw it out anyway though...

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    I read about them somewhere. There parasetic grubs that have a complicated life cycle involving snails, fish (sometimes frogs), and fish eating birds. The larvae grow inside snails to a certain length and go into fish. Once inside the fish, a fish eating bird (a crane for example) eats the fish and the larvae work there way into the digestive tract of birds. The larvae then turn into to a pupae (cocoon). Finally, after they crack their pupae, they are adults and start laying eggs. The digestive tract of the bird expels the eggs into the water and the snails eat the eggs.Then the eggs hatch....

    P.S. There safe to eat aslong as you cook the fish thouroughly(spelling?),I myself wouldn't eat them though!

    Hope this helps!