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Worlds Biggest Catfish

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:0a21: Just curious as to what is the Largest Recorded Catfish in the world :confused: .... Fresh Water, Salt water.. Netted, Jugged or on R&R. But it must be Recorded. We know about the US records (or some of em anyways), but what about the Wels and other catfish abroad. Lets see what we can come up with :D

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Kerry, long time since I've seen you post. Welcome back!
Thankas Bryan,
I am back on the board even tho I am not in the states (I am in Kabul Afghanistan working Explosive Detector Dogs right now).. Ill be back in the States for a bit in Dec Jan an Feb, and Hoping to get some land (20-50 acres) about July ish near the land between the lakes in TN :D . It seems I have missed much while I been out an about. Both good and not so good reguarding members of our family :sad: (BOC is a family even with all the arguin). Ill see ya here later what time do the chats start????????????

I am still wondering about the worlds biggest catfish too :)

Here is the world record catfish I found Talon, caught in Thailand. It weighed 646 pounds!!!! See a picture of it @
Probably would'nt be a good place to be swimming LOL.
They world record cat was netted by sceintist.It was a mekong catifsh they were doing a study on huge freshwater fish.
It's a shame they didn't release it though.
Just think how old it must have been to get that big.
My son just arrived back in the states a couple of months ago from Afghanistan. Army sargent for the engineers. He pretty much lived in the mountains for a year or so. Recon - Lived with a Mark 19. Be carefull and God bless you!
Hi Talon,

there exist 30 catfish species worldwide larger than the blue and flathead catfish in North America. The record weights are between 176 and 809 lbs.

The giant catfish caught in Thailand in May 2005 weighed exactly 646 lbs (106 inches) and was the largest recorded catfish worldwide since 1981.

On my website "world records freshwater fishing" you find the records for the 400 largest freshwater species in the world :) .

ya thats the one i was thinking. 646# man. ot was the largest freshwater fish since records were kept.
Spoonfish, they had planned on releasing it but it died. The Mekong giant catfish was caught and eaten in a remote village in Thailand along the Mekong River, home to more species of giant fish than any other river in the world, the researchers said.

Local environmentalists and government officials had negotiated to release the fish so it could continue its spawning migration in the far north of Thailand, near the borders of Thailand, Laos, Myanmar and China, but the adult male later died.
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